Listen to One Direction’s New Single: Little Things

After a much anticipated wait, One Direction have finally released the next single off their sophomore album, Take Me Home! ‘Little Things’ definitely had a lot to live up to. It was very much hyped up by Ed Sheeran and One Direction. ‘Little Things’ was written by Sheeran at the age of 17, and was lost until about two months ago. It was sent to Sheeran while he was with One Direction, they heard it, said they liked it, Sheeran gave it to them, and the rest is musical history! Take a listen below:

I have to admit, I cried while listening to that! It’s definitely different from most of their bubblegum pop that they produce, but in a completely beautiful way. What Makes You Beautiful, their first single, makes you feel beautiful and loved… But Little Things let’s you KNOW that you’re beautiful and loved.

This song is a nice change. To be honest, I see this as more of their sound than most of the other stuff they record. So far we’ve heard two songs off of their new album, and I’m pleasantly impressed!

“Little Things” will be available to buy on iTunes on November 5th, and you can buy their new album, Take Me Home, out November 12th.

So Fanbolters, Directioners, and One Direction haters… What are your thoughts on the new song?

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