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John Leguizamo and Patrick Swayze’s ‘To Wong Foo’ Fight Was Almost Real

John Leguizamo’s onscreen brawl with his To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar co-star Patrick Swayze was so realistic because the two actors were close to coming to blows for real. Leguizamo and Swayze played drag queens in the 1995 film and ... Continue Reading


Catholic School Bans Filming of Ellen Page and Julianne Moore’s Same-Sex Drama

The producers of Julianne Moore and Ellen Page’s new civil rights drama Freeheld were left scrambling for a new location after officials at Salesian High School in New York refused to let them shoot there due to the film’s “subject matterR... Continue Reading


Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Review

I’ve no doubt you’ve already read a review (or two) for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, and I’ve no doubt it was a positive one. I wish I could say I’m not going to parrot the praise everyone’s been heaping on this game (because dissenting opinion = drama and ... Continue Reading

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