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Photography #4: Summer Time Photos!

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  • Photography #4: Summer Time Photos!

    Welcome to the 4th Photography thread!

    I think its great that there are people like us, experimenting and expressing ourselves creatively and a picture can tell us a lot about who we are; where we come from, our culture, the important things to us.

    If you want to be added to the list, show us your work and I'll add you!. Also if you are an admirer of photography only, you are more than welcome to join in.

    *Header and banner made by Theresa. Pictures photographed by Lea, Chrissy and Theresa! Opening post put together by Theresa and continued by Shawna Lea.

    Chrisseh (ChrisCapulet)
    Lea (nLOVEw/Adam)
    Paula (daves angel)
    Candice05 (dee)

    ~ask to be added~

    Reasons Why We Love Photography!
    b/c it is our creative outlet!
    b/c pictures are better than words.
    b/c its part of our life.
    b/c we are all talented in our own way.
    b/c there's no "right" way to photograph.
    b/c we can see our cultures in each of our photos.
    b/c we share this one passion.
    b/c Photography is creative and fun!

    Recent Photographs!
    Originally posted by justagirl18 View Post

    Originally posted by justagirl18 View Post
    From Santa Rosa Beach, FL; Destin, FL; & Navarre Beach, FL:

    Originally posted by GuessGirl View Post
    Here are two pictures of when I went to Martha's Vineyard for the day. (They are big pictures so just going to provide the link.)

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    Originally posted by nLOVEw/Adam View Post
    Oh KL, I'm still looking forward to your People shots, KL. [/url]
    I didn't start people shots yet. I'm mainly focusing on summer photos right now.

    There was a rainbow by my house last Friday so here are the pics.


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      NICE, KL. *giggles* K, I just wanted to let you know I was still 'patiently' waiting on those ppl shots.... shoot all the summer time photos you can. Oh, keep an eye out for some shots from the 4th of July and some images from my photo session w/ Abby from me.


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        I can't wait to see your 4th of July pics.

        I sadly forgot my camera when I saw the fireworks.

        I'm going into Boston next Friday and I plan on taking a bunch of pictures there.


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          These pix are great. I just have to get off my butt and upload a few I took from the 4 th.


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            I didn't take any pics on Boston I didn't do much site seeing as I was only there for a day and the heat was to hot to handle.


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              And I would LOVE to be added as a photographer, please! :]

              On the beach in Grayton Beach, FL

              Fence in Grayton

              Baby's bum in Grayton

              Flag on the beach; Santa Rosa Beach, FL

              Stormy sky in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

              Plus, I have more to add later. I love beach trips and I'm fortunate enough to go quite frequently! :]


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                Awesome pics, justagirl18


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                  justagirl18 great pics!


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                    Great pix hun, The baby bum was to cute.4th of July Pictures
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                      Thanks so much everyone! You look like you had a good fourth! The fireworks looked like fun! :]


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                        I missed most of the good ones. I decided to grab my phone when I was getting ready to call the girls in.To see if I could catch any.. They were taken in my street.


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                          Essy, great 4th of July pics!


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                            Add me please?

                            I have to empty my camera cards and show ya'll, I took some killer pictures in Florida, Chicago, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky.


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                              Chloe, I can't wait for your pics!