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Bones OT #6: Because we just can't stop talking about Bones!

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  • Bones OT #6: Because we just can't stop talking about Bones!

    Rules: Be Most Off - Topic As Possible!!

    Post Away Girlies!!

    Old Thread


    So I just got home from my friends, I haven't been home since THursday it feels good to be home haha. Although it was fun I am so sore though because we rode bikes everyday all around the neighborhood lmao.

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    Aww really haha ive been out all weekend too - First with shopping for dress clothes,then going to a convention - NEVER EVER wear heels when walking around in a huuuuge coliseum haha it kills you after like no joke Now im exhausted - my last day is tomorrow then im going shopping the following week for summer clothes & yaa then going to Hedley & Metric - July 17th & 26th & soome other stuff in between!

    Hhaha anywaaaaaays thanks for the new thread.


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      Sweet sounds like you're having a good summer so far. I have SO much summer work to do :/ I should just do it all and get it over with!


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        Yaa i am! Im soaking it all in! Where do you work?


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          Your going to Hedley? Yayyy that's gonna be so cool
          We have like no cool shows here, seriously

          Riding bikes all day long sounds like so much fun. I wish I still had my bike It's been so long since I've last rode a bike haha.

          I'm bored as hell and can't wait for the classes to start. I know I'll regret this later but now I am desperate for some human contact


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            You like them too! YAAY! hehe jacob hoggard is LOVE - my love ended for them awhile my back but my buddys got me back into it & I LOOOVE him again! "never to late" is amaaazing hehe. + he's almost half naked @ every show!

            I know i havent rode bikes in awhile myself haha.

            Really?hhaha i dont im enjoying summer to the fullest!


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              Yeah but that's because you've had classes in the past 6 months. I have been doing nothing since mid-December LMAO. And I can assure you it gets BOOORING and tiresome Vacations are only good when you're actually tired

              Hedley is cool!!! Must be a great show to watch. Nightwish is coming to my town in November (finally a good show), but it's the new singer, and I don't like her as much as the old one, so I'm not sure if I'm going That sucks. When they came to Brazil the last time (with the singer I love), they only went to like 3 cities that were all very far from where I live


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                Oooh i see! wow thats looong!
                Now i gotcha haha!

                It will be cuz im hopefully going with my friends! It's @ capital ex aka Edfest where you just pay 15 dollars to get in for admission & then the concert is totally FREEEEE! it will be my first concert too! oh i know nightwish my friends absolutely LOOOVE them! well most of them anyways they sing phantom of the opera eh! Aw that sucks

                This is extremely random but funny haha.


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                  ^LMAO. What the hell. Yeah that is really weird and random.

                  Ugh, today is going to be so boring. I wanted to go over my friends but she has golf practice at 4:30 till like 8. :/


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                    I kow im extremely bored too & idk what to have as my siggie!AHHH.
                    Heeeelp me in deciding - & its like 20 degrees outside but it feels cooler its weird!


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                      LMAO at the animation. I'm laughing so hard at their heads moving

                      I'm sure you'll have a great time at the concert, Kails.

                      Nightwish is amazing. Well...the older days were my favorite. The new phase is...still good, but more like ok-ish. Their version Phantom of the Opera is perfect

                      Awww Kristen that sucks Hope you got to do something fun anyways.

                      Just got back from the video rental store and had to pay a fine because the lady told me the wrong return date Watched The Departed which was really good, and The Prestige, which I didn't really understand hahaha but Hugh Jackman was in it so at least it wasn't boring to watch


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                        Heeeeey Hun,yay im on the saaaaaaaame time as you!

                        "The Departed" I ,Damn leo for dieing agaaaaain & he's so HOOT too! I when he's shirtless & making out! YUMMMY! & haha they sure saay F*ck alot . I didnt really understand it.
                        Im like uuuh okaaaaaay! haha.

                        & thaaaanks!

                        & yaa I LOOOOVE POTO! It's amaaazing & one of my favorite musicals!

                        Also haha anyone notice how dead FB is EVEERYONE is leaaaaaaaving i dont understand - stupid internet fights!


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                          Kails!! Finally hahaha! Though I am leaving in about 10 minutes

                          Leo was amazing in the movie. I was really impressed! Yeah the language was a bit heavy And it was a bit complicated at times but I really liked the action and the ending (except for all the deaths of course).

                          I noticed that too Kails. A lot of people I know left. Camy, Theresa, Shawna and more. It's really sad. Most threads I post in are so dead now


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                            We must make times to come on @ the same time!

                            Me tooo! & he got nominated, im so ticked he died! A conspiracy much?
                            will one director @ least saave him!

                            Aww all of theeeeeeem! All who i talk with - happened???????????? I dont understand i know a fight happened but so bad they all decided to leave -


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                              That's true Kails. We need to come on at the same time so we can continue our picspams craziness

                              I didn't even notice the dying pattern. Someone save Leo campaign now

                              I don't know exactly what happened either. I also know there was a fight...But I didn't understand all the details. It's sad that the cool people are leaving