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Doctor Who; The Welcome Thread

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  • Doctor Who; The Welcome Thread

    Hey guys!

    I'm very excited to announce that we now have out own Doctor Who forum at Fanbolt! Now, we can have a ton of threads of Doctor Who love!

    Most of you probably don't know, but I'm a HUGE Doctor Who fan, so I'm happy to be Modding the forum for ya'll - if you need anything at all, just drop me a line!

    And for newcomers, or members who I haven't officially met, I'm Chloe. I'm a 21 year old college student from Michigan. My favorite Doctor was Nine, favorite companion is Donna (FTW!) and my favorite episode is probably The Doctor Dances. I'm a bit behind this season, so I'm only on The Doctor's Daughter.

    Everyone please stop on in and introduce yourselves!

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    Sweet, thanks Chloe! I'm definitely going to check this show out my brothers watch it all the time, and love it. So I definitely have to see!


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      dr who forum! finally!

      i cant wait untill saturday (my sunday) to get they finale!

      i am excited!


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        OMG! This is brilliant, Doctor Who deserves it's own forum. I need to get a DW siggy to celebrate. So is the current thread going to be moved in here? Now we can make all sorts of topics like individual characters and such. Should be fun.


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          My signature is all Doctor Who-ed out.

          I'll move the thread into here in a bit, and make sure you guys start lots of character and episode threads and stuff.


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            I'm Chris! I love Doctor Who too!!!!! *Points to sig *

            My Favourite Doctor is ten and I love Rose and Donna!!


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              yeps! dr who siggys all around!

              hopefully we will get some other who- converts from the board! :P

              heres hopin'!


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                I'm Auriette from Pensacola, Florida. Hello!

                David Tennant is my favorite doctor, and I never really thought about favorite companion, but I'm going with Sarah Jane.


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                  HI ALL!!!!

                  Well to start off, I'm Shae and im from Melbourne, Australia!

                  my fave doctor is of course David Tennant! my fave copanion might have to be Rose but Donna is also an awesome one! i cant decide! they are both excellent companions! But Jack tops my list as my fave companion! no one compares to Captain Jack!


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                    I'm Beth, from NJ, US. My favorite Doctor is the 10th Doctor, but I've only really seen 9 and 10 so I can't compare too much. Favorite companion remains Rose, though I loved all four.

                    Oh and even better then any of the companions I love Captain Jack and Mickey. Do they count? I so missed Mickey in this last eppy, everyone else was there.


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                      Welcome everyone!!! Post lots


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                        yes! i big welcome to everyone!

                        feel free to talk about the magnificent doctor!

                        i just bought season 2 and 3 on dvd yesterday!

                        i was a bit skeptical about buying them as they are pretty expensive! and i was waiting for them to go on special! but i have waited like over 6 monthsa but alas no specials so i just decided "to hel with it" and i bought them! the doctor is worth it! DAVID TENNANT ROCKS!!


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                          Captain Jack and Mickey definitely count as companions. They've both traveled with the Doctor and appeared in multiple episodes. Mickey sure has changed and become more likeable as the series progressed.

                          I can't help with Australian DVD purchases, but if anyone is looking for an inexpensive place to buy DVDs in the U.S., Google "Deep Discount DVD." They usually have the best prices, and free shipping if you don't mind waiting about 10 days for ground delivery. The only caution is -- never order anything that they don't have in stock. Sometimes they never get it in or it's a different version, and it's never been anything but trouble. However, if they have the item in stock, they are great.

                          Another resource for finding the best price on DVDs is to Google "DVD Price Search" -- It's a great site for finding different editions and for locating which retailer has the best deal.
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                            Hey my name is Gemma [aged 18] from uk and only just got into doctor who so havnt seen that many episodes but the ones i have seen are totally awesome! i started a new thread about which doctor is best! so let me know! =P im guessin from reading the above that more people like david tennant!

                            my fave companions are rose, donna and captain jack


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                              Hi Gemma, welcome to the Dr Who forum!!