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Jared Gilmore / Henry Appreciation Thread #1

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  • Jared Gilmore / Henry Appreciation Thread #1

    IMDB/ twitter

    Hometown : La Mesa, CA
    Birthdate : May 30, 2000

    Jared Gilmore has his twin sister, Taylor, to thank for his introduction to acting. Taylor enjoyed modeling and acting and put on shows for the family. Their parents decided to find an agent for Taylor and brought Jared along for the ride. When they met the agents, it turned out they were interested not only in Taylor but Jared as well. Many auditions soon followed.

    As fate would have it, Taylor came to the realization that she liked riding horses more than acting and decided to quit the business. But Jared continued his quest, landing his first job modeling t-shirts and doing commercials. This led to roles in both television and film. He recurred in the series “Mad Men” as Don Draper’s son, Bobby, as well as in “Hawthorne” and “Talkshow with Spike Feresten,” and guest starred on “Men of a Certain Age,” “Roommates,” “Without a Trace” and “Passions.” On the big screen he starred in “A Nanny for Christmas,” “The Back-Up Plan,” with Jennifer Lopez, “Opposite Day” and “Overnight.”

    In his spare time, Gilmore likes playing Xbox and computer games with his friends. He has two dogs, Cooper and Emma, a cat named Tiger and a rabbit named Benjalina.
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    Henry is so adorable. He has a lot of issues though, but given who is mother is, its understandable


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      both of his "mothers" im sure are giving him issues. but i agree he is great on the show


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        Jared on Playing Henry
        "I feel that Henry's innocent imagination is the 'key' that unlocks the door between the two worlds. Reality and Fairytale. The book is just a another story to anyone else who reads it, but Henry believes it. I relate to Henry because I'm 11 and also have a very good imagination. I enjoy making up and playing games in worlds with alternate realities myself."
        Source: IMDB

        From the pilot, I knew Henry would be one of the main characters to get me hooked to the show! When I think of fairytales, I think of my innocence as a child and imagining all these other worlds, and so Henry sort of portrays how I thought of the tales I read in books through my imagination as a child; except it's real in Storybrooke!

        It must have been hard on him before his biological mother arrived; I mean, this town is magical no doubt, but no one really remembers who they really are, so Henry probably just seemed like a kid with a little too much imagination [hence the child psychologist]. Henry also touches on the subject of adoption and that lingering of wanting to know who you really are and where you come from [which usually happens later on in an adoptive child's life but is happening earlier for him]. I think this is great because his character represents so much for audiences.

        Henry's character could encourage adoptive children and adults to reach out and search for their roots. His character also takes myself personally on this magical journey in his head of pure innocence and that child-like intuition when you just know something is right or wrong and don't think twice but just do [like running off to find Emma or speaking his mind to his step-mother when she speaks about how she's "sorry" or "didn't mean to" do certain things].

        Henry obviously loves his real mother, and these stories [that are actually real] gives him the opportunity to ask no questions and hold no grudges for the fact that she gave him up for adoption. It's obvious he loves Emma already, and I cannot wait to see the two develop the mother and son relationship they have both missed out on. It looks to me like Henry is Emma's saviour [rather than Emma being his].


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          Love Henry he a cool little kid.


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            I'm so glad Henry is okay.


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              me too. he is great on the show. he is the heart of the story.


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                Jared Gilmore fans read our interview with the #OUAT star in support of the Season One DVD release at!


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                  Love this little boy. Hope he finally gets to live with emma when this mess is finally over. Regina needs to have her own bio child.


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                    Jared Gilmore Vlog 1 the Fun begins

                    This is my first Vlog and I will be posting Vlogs every other weekend and a let's play on the other weekends so please post in the comments what you would like to see me play.