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    Spoilers, duh...random thoughts in real time.*
    "I have no reason to kill you; not yet." Get over yourself, dude.

    As a Catholic, I don't believe any of this usurping God's "position" for a second, but, let's roll with it.

    "I'm gonna fix this car, because that's what I can do." A recycled line from season 2, just after their dad died.

    How come we can always tell when Sam's lying, but Dean can't?

    "I am indifferent to sexual orientation." Could you please tell the GOP that, because they keep saying you hate gays.

    "Castiel" whispered - could that be the real God? Naaaahhhhh.

    "He was young and sexy." Not to me, but damned cute.

    Thought Crowley was dead - you need a scorecard these days.

    Crowley as the new Satan. Check please!

    Looks like Cas is being smote, himself.

    Sucks to be you, Sam.

    "He's God, Sam." No, he isn't.

    Ah - the souls are rebelling. Good. And, ouch.

    "Excuse me; you got any Grey Poupon?" hehehe

    Way to go, Cas - you loosed the leviathans!

    "I know God, and you, sir, are no God."

    Politician - GOOD target! Maybe you should head toward Texas...oh wait, her name is Michelle.

    I don't see how the character of Castiel can get out of this - if they take Misha off this show, I'm outta here. Hope they can pull something out of their butts. Probably some crap about the souls corrupting him. Works for me.

    You've looked better, Cas.

    Why do men think getting plastered is the answer to problems?

    Yea! Cas is back!

    "Stamos"? What does that hack have to do with anything?

    Raise your hand if you saw Cas' revival coming? *both hands up*

    "That was unpleasant." The king of understatement.

    Um...guys... RUN.

    OK no more bad Cas, but bad possessed Cas. At least we get to keep Misha.

    I heard the ratings tanked 38% this time, since SN didn't have a lead-in from Smallville. I think die-hards like us watched anyway, so I don't think that's the problem. I think it's waning enthusiasm, coupled with so many new shows premiering. The true test will be in the subsequent weeks. But of course, I'll watch as long as this show is alive. Since they're keeping Misha.

    Next week's looks like the nutty Sam thing may wrap up. That'd be great, because it's tiresome.

    Your thoughts?

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    hhmmm.....I mentioned the subliminal messages on another thread.....murdering conservative Christians....this last episode there was a hit at I guess Supernatural is going to offend everyone....cause if Cass was going to do something big he'd have gone after the Taliban or pedophiles.

    Anyway...political BS aside, I like that the first three episodes of the new season are contunious.

    Cass is going to return if the flash forwards at the end of the show are any clue,.


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      You sort of spoiled me, as I haven't seen this week's ep yet, but will today.



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        7.2 "Hello, Cruel World" (Spoilers)

        Random thoughts in real time.
        We're seeing an awful lot of Death - not that I mind.

        Bad Cas looks a lot like Dark Willow in "Buffy" - all vein-y...he's certainly looked better.

        Why do the bad guys prattle on so much? It's really boring. Kill something, already.

        "Come To The River" - one of my favorite hymns, but probably not the point here.

        OK, we can't have Jimmy's body destroyed, or there's no Misha!

        Awww, Dean's all weepy.

        Doobie Brothers! Awesome. ("brothers" - get it?!) And yes, the water is black. The show-runners are about as subtle as a massive coronary.

        Wonder what the leviathans do when they come through the toilet...ouch.

        Demon adolescent girls, huh? Not much of a stretch.

        The "You're fine" speech from Bobby. LOL

        Violent, brutal teenage boys? Even less of a stretch.

        Hot doctor...

        I've dealt with plenty of patients like that gossipy old lady. You have to know how to effectively shut them up, without losing your professional posture. I was really good at it. (nurse for 30+ years) She'll be a red-shirt, for sure. (look it up )

        "I want to be a surgeon when I grow up" - well, you little moronic sea critter, a surgeon needs his hands, or he can't work. Demonic creatures don't heal, they can just function inside a messed-up body. That guy's hand should be black, blue, and mangled, even though he'd probably be able to use it. Fail.

        Dean still doesn't pick up on when Sam's lying.

        OK, you suspect your doctor of harming another patient, so you follow him, instead of calling for help? Is everyone on this one an idiot? Forgot about this woman. (I skip the "then" stuff)

        "Doctor's orders" - guess what, if the patient doesn't want any particular thing, you cannot force it on him/her. If their refusal jeopardizes their care, you can fire the patient from your care, but even then, it takes a minimum of 30 days. As an in-patient, she'd have to be discharged, against medical advice, but that would be a good thing, here. Just FYI. Oh yeah - and they definitely do investigate a spike in deaths, especially for patients with routine problems. There is no way in hell those critters could get away with the disappearance of even a few patients. Quality Assurance would be all over it. The loved ones would be demanding explanations, insurance company investigators. No effing way. I don't think you have to be a medical person to call B.S. on that one. Fail.

        WTF does Obamacare have to do with anything? Gawd, can't anything be non-political these days?! I'm not in favor of Obamacare, but GEEZE.

        "The Boss." Yet another mysterious chief bad guy. *yawn*

        Not a good idea to take a hallucinating Sam with you.

        OK, that makes sense.

        Good grief, when Bobby shot the doctor, you could see the squib board! Well at least the healthy doc body is explained; the whole body has been transformed.

        Come on; if "Dean" is saying "Look, another me" then it's clear who the real Dean is - that was just dumb.

        Bobby's place is torched? Maybe he'll get some decent digs now, eh?


        Leviathan go boom, but of course, they're like Terminators.

        Who wants to take bets on Bobby being the host for the "Boss"?

        This was a really, really bad episode. Worst I've seen in a while. Not because of the medical nits, either, (I realize I'm OCD about that) Just weak, uneven, and downright silly at times. (and not in a good way)

        Hope it's better next week. It has to be.

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          So did cas die? I was so freakin mad the first episode. Poor cas.


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            1. Misha Collins is an extremely popular actor on the show; I don't believe that even this lot would kill off a major player like him.

            2. We did not see a body.

            3. He's been resurrected multiple times, just like the Winchester boys.

            4. Storylines about Castiel are the best thing this show has going for it, these days.



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              7.3 "The Girl Next Door" (Spoilers)

              Random thoughts in real time...
              We're back at the Leviathan buffet, eh? As I said last week, those critters couldn't commandeer a hospital and feast on the populace. There are too many QA/JCAHO, and numerous other agencies watching, as well as the general hospital population. The mysterious deaths would not fly. That's still a fail.

              The opening scenes are incongruous. Putting all of the absolutely ridiculous pre-op procedures they're performing aside, the scenes seem to be slapped together. Looks like a dream sequence.

              I love how Dean snatches his IV out, with no bloody IV fluid flying out of the wound. We keep a constant flow of fluid running through their veins. It would have been a huge mess. I don't think you have to be medical to call B.S. on that one.

              Why do people chase cars on foot?

              LOL Dean and the Mexican soaps.

              How many of those "I'm fine" responses are Dean and Bobby going to accept, before slapping Sam upside the head? Sure, they all know he's lying through his teeth, so tolerating it isn't productive.

              So the Leviathans are everywhere. Still not buying it.

              Love the "Rear Window" reference.

              Cutting off the cast? Really, really stupid, even for Dean. He couldn't have functioned that soon after the surgery, even on crutches, but I'll let that one slide.

              About time Colin's hair was styled more like Padalecki's.

              DENIED, Sam!

              Sam is so gonna kick their asses.

              "Kaylee" from Firefly...she looks better as a blond.

              Tons of commercials for it will not convince me to watch "Ringer", CW.

              It's not fair that the younger Amy gets way more screen time, yet she's not on the IMDB credits. She's pretty good - she deserves the recognition.

              When will males learn to think with the head on their shoulders?

              Gonna kill the kid? You should.

              He's doing the same thing Sam did - letting a monster go free! *facepalm*

              Nacho brains, huh? Really terrible CGI there.

              This one certainly was not as disjointed and nonsensical as last week's, but it's still "meh". The good thing, is that it did move the story forward. These critters tracking them is an interesting twist, since we never saw a network of creatures doing the same thing the hunters have been doing.

              It seems that the leviathans are a type of pod people, slowly usurping the population, but the freestyle chowing down just isn't believable.

              "Amy's" murders show up in the newspaper, but all these missing/mysteriously dead people don't rate? Come on.

              Didn't hate this one at all, but there are elements that still bug me. However, at least I'm not scraping it off my shoe, like last week's.

              Dead Jo next week. Shouldn't have killed her off in the first place.



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                7.4 "Defending Your Life"

                Random thoughts in real time

                Hello to the gore.

                If they're doing a take on "Christine" I will be most annoyed.

                Good, they eliminated that particular angle.

                OK, another moron running from something in a straight line - jump to the side, you twit, into a building! Oh, he finally did, but I'm betting it won't help him.


                Ah, the "Ringer" commercial. *yawn*

                Oh, if Michael Vick could get that kind of karma....

                LOL Dean mentioned Vick! They even had this guy "reforming" like Vick. Uh-huh.

                Damn, I know this murderer guy from somewhere, but he's not listed on IMDB for this episode.

                Jared is overstimulated. Back off the caffeine, dude.

                Dean has a point - scumbags getting knocked off, is hard to want to thwart.

                Alona Tal ("Jo") is in the credits, but Jo can't blame anyone for her death, except herself, and her mom. hmmmmmm

                Well, at least we know the murderer guy, and the others have/had a conscience.

                If Osiris hones in on guilt, he needs to go to my (Catholic) church.

                LOL Sam referring to "The Good Wife" - but wasn't he pre-law?

                Ah, so that's how they conjure Jo. Um, weren't her bones destroyed in the explosion?

                I call B.S. Jo herself decided to be a hunter, against everyone's advice.

                Wow, to be ancient Egyptian, Osiris' contemporary, American English, is fabulous. With an Indian or Pakistani accent, no less. *rolling eyes*

                OK, Osiris is right about Dean dragging Sam in, but even without Dean, Sam would have gone hunting for Azazel, anyway.

                Good, Sam acknowledges what I said about Sam going after Azazel, with or without Dean.

                Amy? Please, she's a monster. Oh - because he lied to Sam, I'll bet.

                Another "Ringer" ad. *yawn and stretch*

                Oh tell Sam, already, Dean!

                He can't find a ram's horn in a farming state? Surely there is a flock somewhere nearby.

                Busted by a Rabbi - very bad. I hope Sam didn't kill the holy man.

                Sounds like the real Jo, though.

                That redhead knows nothing about walking around at night - you have your keys firmly in your hand, long before you leave the building.

                This one isn't bad, but kind of lays there. The deaths seem to be the main point, but it dances around Dean's guilt about lying to Sam regarding Amy.

                This show flies in the face of logic, with multiple religious beliefs being "true" all at once, but then, that's part of its whacked charm.

                For the love of all that's holy, Jared, lose the mutton chops! (I can dream)

                Next week is the one with Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters ("Cordelia" and "Spike" on "Buffy"/"Angel") She's Cordelia to me, in everything, even "The Expendables." Marsters is still Spike, but even though he's actually a Californian, not British (I know - I was shocked when I found that out, too!) He sounds fake when he uses his natural accent. LOL

                I do love the title of that one - "Shut Up, Dr. Phil" - I'd add another word to that phrase, but this is a P.G. show.



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                  Congratulations, Jared

                  Yes, folks, there will be a little Padalecki (due date not listed in the article) for Genevieve & Jared.

                  Cool, huh?

                  Last edited by Wickeddoll; 10-21-2011, 03:37 PM.


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                    7.5 "Shut Up, Dr. Phil"

                    Random thoughts in real time
                    Oh, if only that title could come true.

                    OK, the stylist might not see her, but surely the others in the room should have. What a wimp that guy was, no?

                    The Amy thing again. I still say it shouldn't be that big a deal for Dean. Nightmares? Puh-leeze.

                    And they're still lying to each other.

                    Leviathan fast food. What a concept.

                    Pix of Sarah Geller won't get me to watch "Ringer" either, C.W.

                    Dean said what I already knew - that those dryers can only go so high; dunno about hot tubs. But I was willing to let it go, since magic was involved.

                    LOL A friend of mine was just telling me he has a phobia about port-a-potties! Too bad he doesn't watch this show; it would freak him out.

                    That was the most fake-looking blood I have ever seen on this show. It's even worse than that "vampire blood" you order from comic books.

                    Spike! um, I mean Stark!

                    No, Dean, you've seen the single patch of dead flowers in previous eps of the show. WTF?!

                    Nope, not Stark - still Spike. Funny how when Marsters speaks in his natural Californian accent, he sounds fake. LOL

                    ooooo a hex box.

                    Spike and Cordy. That's just wrong.

                    Aww, they saved the little slut.

                    Oh - she's not a slut. He's probably the one doing crap, too. Or wifey just thinks she was a tramp.

                    Those lines around Carpenter's mouth are damned distracting, but she should NOT get BoTox! As far as I know, she does not smoke; (the usual cause of those) Some speculate that it's her big smile that stretched her mouth - that's not as ridiculous as it may sound.

                    Typical philanderer - blame the wife for his indiscretions.

                    At the auction, Carpenter looks exactly as she did in the Angel ep, "You're Welcome". No point there, just an observation.

                    Methinks that "friend" wants to be much more than that with Mrs. Stark.

                    Hubby got his hex on - awesome.

                    So they're immortal sorcerers.

                    "You're a bit oot-matched." Canadian actors are a joy.

                    Oh brother; he's still not telling Sam about Amy. ENOUGH already.

                    This one felt like a potboiler - stunt casting, gratuitous gore and violence, that didn't really advance the main story line. Nothing wrong with that per se, but it just wasn't interesting. Another "meh" ep.

                    Evil twins next week. I can hardly wait. No, really.



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                      I'm looking forward to the next episode! I'm happy that Sam and Dean didn't get the chance to kill Maggie and Donald, because now they can return later in the season. Being a 'Buffy,' I really enjoyed the two characters.


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                        *shrug* I thought they were pretty dull, actually. I love those actors, but, meh.


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                          7.6 "Slash Fiction"

                          Random thoughts in real time...

                          So they're going to rob a bank?

                          I guess so. Obviously doubles, since that's what the teaser suggested.

                          Well, if they're leviathans, that won't kill them. That said, I'd like to thank the writers for not giving us yet another pointlessly violent scene.

                          I never want to see the word "slash" associated with this show, ever again.

                          That guy's Canadian accent is way too thick, for us to believe his "vessel" is from the States.

                          Ah, the obligatory picture ad for that show I'll never watch, "Ringer".

                          So the killers are leviathans.

                          Pull the phone out in front of Sam, while you're trying to stall, then speak on it, with your back to the "killer" - can you say dumbass?

                          "Devereaux" is played by a British actor, whose American accent is head and shoulders above the talkative Leaf-i-athan.

                          Can't believe they didn't try decapitation before now.

                          Sheriff's a leviathan - hope not. That would be lame.

                          LOL Dean singing that pablum Sam likes to play.

                          Those flashbacks remind me of (much) better days for this show. *sigh*

                          A morph to Bobby, now. Good - the other guy was annoying. At least we get to see Bobby muhahaha.

                          So they can morph clothes too? Bad enough the shapeshifters can morph hairstyles, and match the chemical compounds of the brain, which apparently the leviathans can do, too. *coughBULLS***cough*

                          Water bothers them? Aren't they from water?

                          So it must be one of the cleaning agents in the water, otherwise it would make zero sense.

                          Ah, gawd, the really bad CGI again.

                          Yet another "Ringer" ad. Give it up, CW.

                          Had a "Jus In Bello" flashback with the cop talking to Dean in jail.

                          Must have been much cheaper to have faux Dean talk to real Sam, and vice versa....

                          Here comes the weird drama and deception. Now Sam's gonna simmer about Amy. The absolutely inconsequential "secret". *yawn*

                          Men and their feelings - so difficult to show.

                          How lovely - he gives her a severed head. Throw it into water?! Are you effing kidding me?

                          Somehow I knew Dad and daughter were going to be a meal. They know what the real Winchesters do, for one thing.

                          Hope this "Roman" guy is the "Boss" - Crowley! I'm actually glad to see him.

                          Once again, why are they throwing any part of leviathans into water?

                          Oh brother - are they "breaking up" again? Been there, done that.

                          I was watching "Grimm" while this ep was being DVR'd, and couldn't help comparing that show to this. Both have hunters from a long line of same, both deal with mythical creatures from fairy tales, etc. (as in "Something Wicked")

                          "Grimm" reminded me of what made this show great in the old days - the fate of being responsible for saving mankind from unseen monsters, due to a family curse, and coping with same. "Grimm" felt like early Supernatural, and so did this ep. There is hope for the rest of the season!

                          Next week's looks interesting.



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                            7.7 "The Mentalists"

                            Random thoughts in real time
                            This lady is convinced by knocking sounds? Some people deserve to be ripped off.

                            Didn't expect that, did you, Miss Fake Medium?

                            Dean with food. Some things never change.

                            Sam has the Impala? WTF?

                            There actually is a purported psychic town, known as "Lily Dale" in NY. I doubt it's this strange. Or interesting.

                            OK, Dean's not driving his car, and unless I missed it, he's not carrying anything but food, so where'd he get the suit? I guess probably stolen credit cards.

                            I think the waiter wants to marry Dean.

                            Funky teeth on that over-aged hippie.

                            The Russian guy kept forgetting his Boris Badenov accent...

                            Oh, bend the spoon back into place, Sam, you big baby.

                            Orb of Thesulah, huh? Well, at least the writers are "Buffy" fans....but it's supposed to be an actual orb (spherical) and it's green, not red.

                            Fork YOU, buddy. (and your lousy accent)

                            The blood in that scene moves a lot more like the real thing, but still looks like Karo and color.

                            Ah, the obligatory "Ringer" ad. Still not budging, CW.

                            Good gawd, not another Haitian mystic. That's such a cliche. Well, at least she's a fake - we don't have to hear that stupid accent again.

                            Hmmm maybe the ghost hates the fakes. I sure do.

                            The museum guide has a thick Canadian accent, but Lily Dale is in upstate, NY, so that's plausible. (I lived in that area for 11 years - lots of Canucks)

                            Awesome - Ellen channeled through the guide. LOL But of course, he won't tell Sam...or will he?

                            "You can be pissed all you want, but quit being a bitch!" Excellent. I'm getting tired of mopey Sam. (never liked him that way)

                            Should have listened to her, guys; she was just going to talk to you.

                            Bet Maggie's body's gone....Damn, I'm good. LOL the "Geraldo" crack.

                            Still no Impala. *sniff*

                            LOL Sam crashing the Lamaze class.

                            So the little shop weasel really is a shop weasel.

                            "Real psychic"? Isn't that an oxymoron?

                            OK, this guy can levitate things, and the rest of the psychometry thing, but can't put on a show? He must have zero imagination. Nobody cares if you're pretty, if you can dazzle them.

                            The second "Ringer" ad. ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

                            Empath Girl looks a lot like Lisa. No, please, not another Lisa.

                            Guess I missed the story about what happened to the Impala. It's been wrecked many times, but gets resurrected, just like the boys.

                            "You were right about Amy." Haven't I been saying that since he dusted her?

                            Good, no multi-ep arc of them being separated.

                            This one was like old times. Hope they keep going with that, as I think they should be able to nurse that leviathan storyline along gradually, while giving us what we want from this show.

                            Next week's looks...weird.



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                              7.8 Season Seven, Time For A Wedding!

                              Random thoughts in real time. Here be spoilers!
                              Well, at least Becky's cute.

                              Bloody cake. Nice touch.

                              No Becky without Chuck, though. So what, she can write their lives now?

                              Good lord, she wrote herself into Sam's life, to show him off to her former classmates? Lame.

                              A Wiccan, huh. It's still a lame reason to want Sam.

                              So she can't cook, either? And, she's wearing a negligee. Check please!

                              Spell is wonky; she's such a nudge.

                              Methinks Becky has stepped off the deep end. She used to be a lot of fun.

                              Ad for "Ringer" number one. *yawn/stretch*

                              Is Becky in 8th grade? Seriously, the writing of names over and over?

                              CHUCK! Nope, an erstwhile Chuck. "Garth"?

                              Becky is good in small doses, after that, she's irritating.

                              Shades of "Misery" - she's rubber room material.

                              "You're not this stupid, Becky" - yes she is, Sam.

                              Now I want her dead.

                              A bloody, horrible death.

                              "Supernatural's not actually popular." Ouch.

                              Hey, at least she knows she's a loser.

                              "I just want someone to love me for me!" Grow the hell up, and maybe it'll happen.

                              Ah, the second "Ringer" ad. *coma*

                              OK the dagger works.

                              Kill him anyway, Dean. Too slow.

                              "I'm sure you have a wonderful personality, dear." Ouch, the sequel. LOL

                              Yes, Sam, she is a loser. Don't sugarcoat it.

                              No hug for Sam?

                              I miss the Impala.

                              An interesting twist, with the rogue crossroads demon. The ep moved at a good pace, and kept me interested, despite wanting to knock the everlovin' crap out of Becky.

                              Next week's appears to be monster-of-the-week, Jersey Devil in particular. Hmmmm