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  • Kunal Nayyar /Rajesh Koothrappali

    *Photo Taken By: Emma Loggins (Comic Con 2010)

    Kunal Nayyar

    Kunal Nayyar's role in THE BIG BANG THEORY is his first as a regular on a television series. He had a guest starring role on NCIS.
    Nayyar is currently writing his first feature film, and his critically acclaimed play, "Cotton Candy," continues to run in New Delhi.

    His theater acting credits include "Huck and Holden" at the Dahlia Theater in Los Angeles, for which Kunal was awarded best male lead in a play on the West Coast by the Garland Awards, and "Loves Labors Lost" at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford upon Avon, England.

    Always a performer, Nayyar began acting in musicals and plays at a young age. After high school, he left India for the United States where he majored in business and took many acting classes at the University of Portland. In his senior year, he was nominated as the best actor in his play, "The Rose Tattoo," and was given an invitation to the American College Theater Festival (ACTF) to compete in an acting competition where he eventually won the Mark Twain Award for comic brilliance as well as a fellowship to the prestigious Sundance Theater Lab. He went on to receive his Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) from Temple University in Philadelphia.

    Nayyar played badminton for his school team and competed at state level in the region of North India. He is also a fanatical fan of cricket. He is said to have a killer shoulder shimmy. According to Nayyar, wikipedia says his name means "one who sees beauty in everything" and it comes from a Himalayan bird known as the Painted Snipe.

    He was born in London, England, and spent most of his younger years growing up in New Delhi, India. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

    Nayyar's birth date is April 30.
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    Is his accent on BBT real? Or is it more fabricated? I wonder...


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      I didnt know he was on ncis funny guy good show


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        I love what they're doing with this character...they're giving him more spunk, more life, and some much more interesting story lines. I always thought he was underutilized.


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          I absolutely love the character


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            Never knew he grew up in New Delhi and was born in the UK. Looking forward to his new projects.


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              The Talk
              tuesday nov 6th
              Simon Helberg & Kunal Nayyar


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                kunnal has joined the cast of TBS's Who Gets the Last Laugh? Tvline has just released some exclusive cast photos from the show..

                [PHOTOS] ‘Who Gets the Last Laugh?’ Cast — New TBS Series - TVLine


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                  'Big Bang Theory' star Kunal Nayyar takes the EW Pop Culture Personality Test at Paleyfest 2013

                  Big Bang Theory will hit the stage at PaleyFest tonight, but tonight’s event is also a special one.

                  It marks the first time a Paley panel will be streamed live from select theaters across the country. (See participating theaters close to you here.) To celebrate the occasion, EW asked Kunal Nayyar to participate in our Pop Culture Personality Test.

                  ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Before we start, how are you feeling about being on the big screen?
                  Kunal Nayyar: At this point I can only speak for myself. It doesn’t make me nervous. If it was just me, and it was all this big stuff, it would probably make me nervous. But having the cast and producers there, [it will] feel like we’re just hanging on set. There’s a kinship and a friendship [among us]. We’re a family, so when we’re all on stage together, it’s just fun and a chance for people to see how we are off-screen.

                  continue reading...


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                    Watch A 'Big Bang' Star Get 'The Last Laugh'

                    Watch A 'Big Bang' Star Get 'The Last Laugh' |


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                      Exclusive: The Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayyar to Guest on TBS' Sullivan & Son

                      Sullivan & Son is going to get a big bang boost in Season 2! Kunal Nayyar, who plays astrophysicist Raj Koothrappali on CBS' The Big Bang Theory, is set to guest star on an upcoming episode of the TBS comedy.

                      Nayyar plays a bar patron who considers himself to be the ultimate ladies man, a far cry from Raj, who recently overcame his inability to talk to women without the aid of alcohol. When Steve (Steve Byrne) throws the bar's first-ever "Ladies Night," Nayyar's character attempts to hit on multiple women using different personalities. The episode is scheduled to air later this summer.

                      Sullivan & Son's second season premieres this Thursday, June 13 at 10/9c on TBS.

                      Exclusive: The Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayyar to Guest on TBS' Sullivan & Son - Today's News: Our Take |


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                        KUNAL NAYYAR talks Sullivan & Sons, TBBT and More

                        Q) I was wondering if those great pickup lines you use on the show come from you or were they scripted?

                        A) No, they were scripted.

                        Q) You didnít improv any of your favorites?

                        A) You know when the writing is so good I tend not to fuddle with it.

                        Q) Youíre a part of such a great comedic cast already, what was it like joining another great cast like this?

                        A) Itís really interesting the dynamic because a lot of the cast of Sullivan & Sons, a lot of them are predominantly standup comedians. So it was really fun working with standup comedians because on set every second thereís someone, like, making a joke or energy is just very infectious because everyone is always laughing. And not that on Big Bang we donít have a good time or laugh or any of that but it was just interesting being surrounded by seven comedians who are always - theyíll make a joke out of anything, which I found really fascinating and, of course, very enjoyable.

                        Q) And what was your pickup line that you got to use?

                        A) Iím trying to remember, there were so many. I like saying, "I like to go for the crazy girls. You know, crazy in the head, crazy in the bed." It was just fun to proclaim that to the entire bar of women.

                        continue reading...


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                          'The Big Bang Theory' star Kunal Nayyar is writing a memoir

                          You probably recognize Kunal Nayyar as The Big Bang Theory‘s Raj, an astrophysicist drawn to dating problems, but soon enough, Nayyar will be able to put another title under his name: published author.

                          EW has confirmed that Nayyar will join Atria Books to create a not-yet-titled collection of humorous autobiographical essays with a focus on his experiences growing up in India and his journey to becoming an actor.

                          “I was born in London and brought up in New Delhi, India. I’ve cleaned toilets in Portland, been held up for 76 cents in Philadelphia, and my first acting job on TV was playing a terrorist,” Nayyar said in a press release. “Also my father thinks he’s James Bond and I once played a Star Wars board game for 36 straight hours. Then I married Miss India. So, why not write a book? It’s the logical next step. Obviously.”

                          The memoir is expected to hit shelves in 2015.



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                            15 Minutes With Kunal Nayyar

                            On TV's most watched comedy The Big Bang Theory, Kunal Nayyar plays a guy too shy to talk to women unless he's been drinking. In real life, things are different. Kunal is married to a Miss India pageant winner/Miss Universe contestant, and I'm the schmuck who can't talk to women unless I've been drinking. We meet for an interview in a Studio City bar on Ventura Blvd. We've met here before, and it's always the same dynamic: Women recognize Kunal from The Big Bang Theory, and pretend not to. I notice them noticing him, and pretend not to. They notice me noticing them notice him, and pretend not to.



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                              Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayyar puts on an affectionate display as he grocery shops with beauty queen wife Neha Kapur

                              He is famous for playing an astrophysicist who was unable to talk to women, however Kunal Nayyar clearly has no problem with this in his real life after he stepped out with his wife on Thursday.

                              The Big Bang Theory star looked relaxed and casual as he ran Thanksgiving errands with former Miss India Universe 2006, Neha Kapur, in Hollywood .

                              The 32-year-old had a stack of boxes in his hand when he affectionately touched the beauty queen's face before heading home for a meal with their family.

                              Read more: