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  • Board Rules

    Board Rules - Due to the fact that we have so many new members. YAH Fanbolt. I am re-posting the board rules for all.

    -No bashing. Insulting or name-calling of any posters is not allowed at Fanbolt. Nor is the bashing of any celebrity. You may state your opinions concerning celebrities within reason. Users may be banned for bashing, please keep this in mind.

    - No use of profanity or any form of inappropriate language.

    -Before you start a new thread, please check to see if a similar thread has already been started, if so please post there. Duplicate threads will be deleted.

    -Make sure your topic title reflects what the thread is about. Please make the subject clear.

    -If you are posting on a thread that accumulates more than 150 posts, please wait for a Mod to close the thread and start the new thread. Do not start a continuing thread on your own.

    - No Spamming. Spamming is in no way allowed at Fanbolt. Spamming includes any post that is made only to increase your post count such as only posting smilies, one or two word posts, only quoting a post etc...

    -Please also refrain from double posting; use the 'edit post' button where needed.

    -Please try to avoid bumping of threads if at all possible. Bumping is when a member types a one or two-word post deliberately to "bump" a thread back to the top of the board.

    -Please do not use distorded text when posting. ThIs Is HaRd To ReAd and ALL CAPS makes people think you are yelling, which if you're not, gives the wrong impression...

    -Threads that are located in an inappropriate forum will either be closed or moved.

    - If you are posting a thread or post that has spoilers in it, please post spoilers in the spoiler forum.

    -Signatures should include no more than 8 lines of text. Pictures are allowed, please keep them to a minium. No more than 8, and they must not exceed 3 inches total in height. Sound wavs, offensive language, or any form of spoilers is not allowed. One small (100 x 35 pixels) animated banner is allowed in board sigs. Fanbolt administration or moderators can ask you to remove or edit your signature at anytime, they also have the right to suspend it. If they do suspend your signature, you will receive a private message notification, please respond accordingly.

    -Please keep in mind that if you have too many Private Messages (PM) stored, you will not be able to receive any new incoming messages. The current limit for all your pm folders is 80.

    -If posting any articles, include a link to the site where you got the article from.

    -Members cannot post a link to any other message board site, unless there is a link to Fanbolt that is clearly visible on their main page.

    -Members cannot contact members via private messages, email, or any other form to advertise anything at all. If someone tries to do that to you, please contact a Mod or Emma.

    -Threads celebrating your number of posts are only allowed when you receive a new star/user title, if you post a thread celebrating a post count and have not received a new star/user title, your thread will be deleted.

    -Uploading pictures as attachments is not allowed at Fanbolt. It takes up too much server space and bandwidth. Please post pictures that are hosted on other websites.
    (If you need a place to upload pictures, - my item Resources and Information. This website is for sale! is 1 choice, although you can find plenty of other free hosts).

    -The ONLY RPG's allowed are ones that are set up by the administration or moderators of Fanbolt. Please do not start your own rpg. If you have a request for a certain rpg, please pm an Administrator.

    -FanFiction is generally not allowed on this board. If you want to share your fanfic with the world, please post it at Unleash Your Imagination - FanFiction.Net and link to it from here. Please don't post the entire content of your fanfics.

    -Usernames are ONLY changed at the discretion of the Admin, and only for a valid reason. Getting tired of your name or just wanting a new one is not a valid reason. There is a 1-week period for new members, in which the Admin will change their name for them. This is incase of a misspelling or what not of the name they registered with.

    -Club forums are only accessible by club staff and club members. If you wish to post in those forums or be a member of the clubs, please check on the main page of FanBolt, where you will find a list of requirements and rules for all the clubs that we host.

    -If you want to request any topic for a new board or a new feature at FanBolt, please contact one of the Admin (directors). We are always looking for new ideas and features for the site!

    Any questions? Please consult one of the mods!