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Penn Badgley/Dan Humphrey [#3] B/C We are the Peasants & He is our King!

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  • Penn Badgley/Dan Humphrey [#3] B/C We are the Peasants & He is our King!

    Penn Badgley, born November 01, 1986 in Baltimore, Maryland, stars as Dan Humphrey in the new drama Gossip Girl
    (CW, 2007-????), from Josh Schwartz (The O.C.), based on the tremendously popular book series about privileged teenagers
    who attend an elite private school in New York City.

    Badgley most recently starred in Tom Fontana's The Bedford Diaries (WB, 2006), opposite Matthew Modine and Milo Ventimiglia.
    On film, he starred alongside Jesse Metcalfe and Brittany Snow in the hit comedy John Tucker Must Die (2006), and will next be
    seen starring in the rugby-themed film Forever Strong (2007). His other film work includes the provocative yet acclaimed
    independent feature The Fluffer (2001).

    Badgley also played the lead in the Warren Littlefield-produced comedy series Do Over (WB, 2002). He then segued into McG's
    drama series The Mountain (WB, 2004-2005), with Barbara Hershey and Oliver Hudson.

    Though life began for Badgley in Baltimore, he split his formative years between Richmond, Virginia, and Seattle. It was there that he
    became actively involved in the Seattle Children's Theater and voice-over work, Mario Golf 64 (Nintendo, 1999) and Mario Tennis 64
    (Nintendo, 2000), that eventually lead he and his mother to Los Angeles, where he secured an agent.

    Upon relocating, he landed a coveted guest star role on Will & Grace (NBC, 1998-2006). Shortly thereafter, recurring roles on The Young
    and The Restless (CBS, 1973-????), The Brothers Garcia (Nickelodeon, 2000-2003) and Daddio (ABC, 2000) followed.
    He also guest starred on What I Like About You (WB, 2002-2006).

    When not honing his acting craft, Badgley attended Santa Monica Community College, having already completed his California High
    School Proficiency Exam at age 14. He has deferred admission to University of Southern California until his work schedule will
    permit him to return to school. In his spare time, he enjoys surfing, soccer, skiing, snowboarding, singing, and playing the guitar.

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    [ Just Ask To Be Added! ]

    b/c he's the new "Seth Cohen"!
    b/c he makes sarcasm a turn-on!
    b/c we wish we were Serena!
    b/c if we were Serena, we'd jump on him already!
    b/c he's just adorable!
    b/c he's the boy who'll change Serena!
    b/c we all need him as a brother!
    b/c his smiles are the best!
    b/c Dan is THE man!
    b/c he's NYC's favorite shy guy!
    b/c he's hot and sweet!
    b/c he's an incredible guy!
    b/c he punches on first dates which is HOT!
    b/c he's our Prince Charming!
    b/c we all wish we were his Cinderella!

    + Forever Strong (2007) (post-production) .... Lars
    + "Gossip Girl" .... Dan Humphrey (2 episodes, 2007)
    - The Wild Brunch (2007) TV Episode .... Dan Humphrey
    - Pilot (2007) TV Episode .... Dan Humphrey
    + Drive-Thru (2007) .... Van
    + John Tucker Must Die (2006) .... Scott
    + "The Bedford Diaries" .... Owen Gregory (8 episodes, 2006)
    - Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (2006) TV Episode .... Owen Gregory
    - Risky Business (2006) TV Episode .... Owen Gregory
    - The Passion of the Beaver (2006) TV Episode .... Owen Gregory
    - Love and the Tenth Planet (2006) TV Episode .... Owen Gregory
    - The Art and Science of Manipulation (2006) TV Episode .... Owen Gregory
    (3 more)
    + "The Mountain" .... Sam Tunney (13 episodes, 2004-2005)
    - Great Expectations (2005) TV Episode .... Sam Tunney
    - Blood Money (2004) TV Episode .... Sam Tunney
    - Sacred Things (2004) TV Episode .... Sam Tunney
    - The One You're With (2004) TV Episode .... Sam Tunney
    - Pop Psychology (2004) TV Episode .... Sam Tunney
    (8 more)
    + Debating Robert Lee (2004) .... Debator
    + "The Twilight Zone" .... Jace Malone (1 episode, 2003)
    - Homecoming (2003) TV Episode .... Jace Malone
    + "Do Over" .... Joel Larsen (15 episodes, 2002-2003)
    - Chilghetti (2003) TV Episode .... Joel Larsen
    - Joel Larsen's Day Off (2002) TV Episode .... Joel Larsen
    - Hot for Teacher (2002) TV Episode .... Joel Larsen
    - Cold War (2002) TV Episode .... Joel Larsen
    - The Block Party (2002) TV Episode .... Joel Larsen
    (10 more)
    + "What I Like About You" .... Jake (1 episode, 2002)
    - Copy That (2002) TV Episode .... Jake
    + "The Brothers Garcia" .... Eddie Bauer (2 episodes, 2000-2002)
    - School Daze (2002) TV Episode .... Eddie Bauer
    - A Hunting We Will Go (2000) TV Episode .... Eddie Bauer
    The Fluffer (2001) .... Young Sean
    + "The Young and the Restless" (1973) TV Series .... Phillip Chancellor IV #8
    (unknown episodes, 2000-2001)
    ... aka Y&R (USA: promotional abbreviation)
    + "Bull" (1 episode)
    - Love's Labors Lost (????) TV Episode
    + Mario Tennis (2000) (VG) (voice)
    + "Daddio" .... Todd (2 episodes)
    - A Confederacy of Daddies (????) TV Episode .... Todd
    - The Last Temptation of Chris (????) TV Episode .... Todd

    + "Will & Grace" .... Boy #1, Todd (1 episode, 1999)
    - I Never Promised You an Olive Garden (1999) TV Episode .... Boy #1, Todd
    Mario Golf 64 (1999) (VG) (voice)
    ... aka Mario Golf (USA)
    ... aka Untitled Mario Sports Game

    All Arts Are Made By JoJo [OCallyFaN80]
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    Thread Title from Kay!

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  • #2
    Thanks for the new thread, funny title.


    • #3
      No problem! Kay came up with it, I think it fits perfectly.
      Especially the picture of him when he's wearing the crown.


      • #4
        Ahh! Dan/Penn is so my favorite.
        haha. add me please. =]]


        • #5
          You've been added! Welcome to the thread.


          • #6
            Love the title Krysie and Kay. He looks so different w/ long hair, I almost don't recognize him. And yes, I know he had long hair b-4 Gossip Girl...


            • #7
              I saw him on What I Like About You today. He was SO extremely young! It was hard to tell, but I knew he was in that episode and exactly who he played.


              • #8
                thanks for new thread!!
                can i be plz added?


                • #9
                  Dan was so cute in yesterday's episode. He always is!
                  Anyways I loved his scene with Blair's mom.

                  "What are you doing here?!"
                  "I have no idea"

                  Something like that Just the way he said it <333


                  • #10
                    Yay new thread!! Can I be added please?


                    • #11
                      awww dan was so cute and adorable in the episode
                      Last edited by OCgirl411; 10-11-2007, 09:58 PM.


                      • #12
                        Tash, you've been added!

                        Jojo, wow! I had no idea he played on there.


                        • #13
                          hehehe.. Yeah. He was extremely young. It was weird, but he sort of had the long hair..


                          • #14
                            Really? I like him with the long hair, but his short hair suits him better IMO


                            • #15
                              Heey guys just dropping in to say sorry i couldnt make the thread! Good thing krysie came to the rescue eh! & thanks for using my title

                              Dan was Adorable as always<33333 & i will say more tomorrow hehe....Night
                              also before i go Anyone have any cute dan/penn art i could use for tomorrow hehe since it all got snagged in the fan art thread