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Heroes: Theories and Speculation

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  • Heroes: Theories and Speculation

    So with the end of Season 2 it brought about a lot of questions and I thought it might be cool to have a thread to discuss them!

    -Niki, does she die? what about the virus, does she still have it?
    -Adam, will he be stuck in the ground forever?
    -Angela Petrelli-what kind of powers could she have? Is it possible that she is the most powerful of them all?
    -Hiro's father- how about his power?
    -Matt-his powers, is he becoming evil?


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    Thanks for this thread hun!
    Yes we shall discuss what may happen in S3. I should watch S2 again first


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      when is this show coming back! its been so long!


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        Lets Recap.
        First of all Season 3 is entitled "Villians" so one or two of the heroes cast may become a villian. My bets are on Niki/Jessica because shes always been evil, and Matt because his powers are evolving and already we've seen him manipulate people.

        The core 12, from the original picture, we still have people we havent met. Charles Deveaux- Simone's Dad, his power hasnt been revealed yet. In S1 before the bomb he took Pete into a dreamlike state showing him guidance so i think his power must be astral projection- projecting through dreams, contrasting with Maury's nightmare power.

        Any ideas?


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          I think Adam will come back. I think he's so vindictive and scarred after what's happened to him, he wont stop until he wipes out everyone. I think he'll coem back for Peter and Hiro in particular because he manipulated Peter so much and found he's an asset to him and Hiro, well he's still annoyed that Hiro was the real Hiro all them centuries ago

          I think because it's names Villans, there will be new peope coming to turn our Heroes? Maybe I dunno really, I can't think who would becoem evil...


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            I think adam was surprised to see hiro but its no wonder really because he can travel through time and space. Adam we didn't know could survive all those years but it shows how regeneration is very powerful.

            Its been confirmed that its our of our beloved heroes but i dont see peter becoming evil. In the comic Niki has another persona, not jessica, so maybe its her?


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              He was definately surprised. He had become vindictive and so he was still carrying this bitterness which aint very god for him!

              4 of them? I can see Peter briefly evil but not for long. after what happened to Nathan I dunno, I think it may turn him. It was Nasthan after all who stopped him from exposing the virus. I dunno how he'll cope without Nathan to be honest


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                LOL i dont know what i was typing.

                I meant its from the heroes we know atm LOL

                Im sure nathan will be alive, but we've seen his burnt side, in fact Maury trapped him in the nightmare with his alter ego and i kinda suspected his alter ego might be evil, kina like niki. But i dont think they'd go down that route.

                I hope Niki doesnt die. Micah will be left with both parents dead!


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                  Oh ok I was confused then

                  I dunno, I mean the way it happened, I hope he doesn't die btu as soon as i watched it I was sure he was gone, I was all teary and everything. my friend loves Nathan (he pretty much has a man crush on him) so he's gonna be devestaed when he watches. It's hard not to tell him, i can never keep secrets

                  Nah they wont use the alter egos. i think they become evil because of their parents choices causing this rift between them. We saw how bitter they became (even if it was miniscule) after they saw what their parents had forced their being to be like (Adam wanting to expose the virus and the battle between good and evil) I think many will be weak after this and give up on saving the world. I doubt Hiro will because we've seen how passionate he is tobecome a hero. He wont want to give all that up.

                  I have to admit I'm not fussed what happens to her i'm not a fan to be honest, she kinda bores me :/


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                    LOL he crushes on Nathan? OMG! I watched heroes unmasked yesterday and the executive producer said they had fun doing all that burnt makeup on adrian to make him ugly for once

                    Hiro definitely won't because hes a good guy and hes always wanted to help people. But this first two seasons focussed on everyone (almost everyone) trying to live with their powers and being good with them, so it will be interesting to see people with powers and being evil with them!

                    Oh I love ali larter, and i think shes amazing as niki/jessica LOL. Granted she didnt have that much to do this season but shes a good mother.

                    DL many times has he got shot. Jeez LOL


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                      Well not litterally but he loves nathan more than you should if you're a guy It's kinda funny to tease him about it and say Nathan goes all nutty and Peter kills hims. He actually believes me...I'm mean

                      LMAO it was wierd to see all the burn stuff but I love how real it looked. whoa, that was amazing!

                      Yeah I love him Me too, i'm excited to see who hasn't coped with their powers well or has realised how they can take over the world with their powers. i wanna see who becoems greedy because that's basically why people become evil, they're greedy and dont wanna be at the sidelines. They want people watching their every move!

                      I like Ali Larter, she's a great ctress but to be honest, no one could make me like Niki/Jessica. i just can't get into that family in general to be onest

                      My Gawd he had to be the worst I think. I was glad he died I know it's tyerrible but he really did get on my nerves so much


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                        My friend loves nathan too, shes a girl so its all right though. I admit hes handsome but doesnt do it for me. I love his character development because in season 1 he was such an asshole!!

                        Yeah Im sure someone along the lines will give in to being a baddie and then it will be interesting!

                        Maybe its just the Niki Jessica character you dont like then? Like i hated Maya when i first saw her, but i think it was the power i disliked.

                        DL didnt have much of a storyline LOL Id prefer if he died in the fire, not bloody shot AGAIN. Haha.


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                          Yeah that's ok, i dont think he's like that obssessed with him...I hope not anyways lol. Yeah he's a great character but I'm all for Peter and Sylar. They am the hotties for me

                          Yeah, espcially if it's someone within the family (IE The Petrelli family or Niki & her family) because what if they tried to persuade them being bad isnt the answer. Would they listen or kill them? It'll be so cool to watch

                          Yeah the character bored me. The powers were cool, ass kicking with multiple personalities, what's not to like? Good stuff. i hate Maya too I mean her andher bro were boring too for me. I was sad she didnt die i admit

                          I know! We get it, he sucks ass as not being shot


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                            Volume 3 has been confirmed!!

                            September 22, Monday 8 pm
                            3 Hour Premiere

                            The 1st hour will be a recap, then the actual premiere consists of 2 full hours!


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                              2 hours of Heroes.......sweeet