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Autumn Reeser / Taylor Townsend #17 b/c Autumn can Command & Conquer us anytime!

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  • Autumn Reeser / Taylor Townsend #17 b/c Autumn can Command & Conquer us anytime!

    Autumn Reeser / Taylor Townsend #17 b/c Autumn can Command & Conquer us anytime.

    Credit: pm513

    Credit: nLOVEw/Adam (SLea)


    Name: Autumn Alicia Reeser
    September 21, 1980
    Hometown: Carlsbad, CA
    Currently Resides: Los Angeles, CA
    Hobbies: drawing, horseback riding, and reading.

    Attended UCLA, and won the Intercollegiate Mock Trial All-American Award in 1999.
    Began acting in Musical Theatre at age 7.
    Graduated from Carlsbad High School in 1998.

    For a select few, the stars align themselves to light the pathway to their dreams. Autumn Reeser started on the trail to stardom at the age of six.

    She discovered acting while watching a performance of Cinderella, where she became enchanted by the fantasy of a regular girl becoming somebody special. For the next decade she developed a solid background for what would become the foundation of her acting career. She performed in numerous local music productions from the ages of 17 to 17.

    Autumn Reeser is has appeared in ABC’s new comedy, “Savages,” starring Keith Carradine and produced by Mel Gibson. She also plays best friend Alison on the WB’s “Grounded For Life,” and appeared in the Spring 2004 release “The Girl Next Door.”

    She has been a guest star on various television shows such as “CSI,” “Cold Case,” “The George Lopez Show,” and “Star Trek: Voyager.” Reeser portrayed Marcia Brady in Fox’s 3rd installment of the Brady Bunch movies, “The Brady Bunch in the White House,” starring Shelley Long and Gary Cole. She was also part of a national ‘Clean & Clear’ campaign.

    Reeser was raised in southern California and has been performing in various theatre productions since the age of seven. She has a deep love for acting and was a theatre major at UCLA.

    She can be currently seen as Taylor Townsend on Fox's 'The O.C.'.



    Palo Alto (2007) – Jaime
    Americanese (2006) – Sylvia
    Art Thief Musical (2004) – Clarity
    The Girl Next Door (2004) – Jane
    The Plagiarist (2003) – Irene


    Independent Lens (2006) – Lauren
    The O.C. (2005-2006) – Taylor Townsend
    It\'s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (2005) - Megan
    Complete Savages (2004-2005) - Angela
    Cold Case (2004) - Sister Grace
    CSI : Crime Scene Investigation (2003) - Rachel Lyford
    George Lopez (2002-2003) - Piper
    The Brady Bunch In The White House (2002) - Marcia Brady
    Birds Of Prey< (2002) - Sherry
    Maybe It\'s Me (2002) - Becky
    Grounded For Life (2001-2003) - Alison
    Undressed (2001) - Erica
    Thrills (2001) - Allison
    Star Trek Voyager (2001) - Ventu Girl


    -I'm looking forward to getting as much work as I can because acting is absolutely what I want to do with my life, and something I know I'll never stop doing, whether I'm on a TV show, or doing teeny independant films or onstage in a town somewhere in another country.
    -I liked being a player in high school but I'm definitely was not a bitch.
    -I just remember one time, she walks by in the hallway and she's like, "Bitch." I don't think I'd ever been called that by anybody, to my face at least, so I was like, "Oh my God!" I was traumatized at the time. Now I think it's funny.
    -The bitch. Oh, totally. Honestly, I went to school with a lot of girls like (Taylor) and I feel like it's a little skewer. It's just fun. You do things that you wouldn't necessarily do in real life, hopefully. - On the kind of role she likes to play.
    -My dog is a little papillon and her dog is a mutt and they run around having fun. They love each other - Autumn and her and Mischa's dogs
    -Omigod, she is awesome! She's like Tracy Flick from Election, you know? I've been having a blast because Summer's bitchy side is always done with a sense of humor, so it's really fun to be, like, the funny bitch as opposed to just, like, the unlikable bitch - Rachel Bilson

    Recent Pictures


    Credit:fivariva (Iha)

    Credit: TwoTreeHills (Dani)

    +Scott_1988 (Scott)
    +Drama_Diva (Amber)
    +ShawnaLuvsOC (Shawna)
    +B.Davis (Lis)
    +Mrs Adam Brody (jess)
    +Fancy_Pance111 (Steph)
    +Divine Order
    +Davis-Scott (Cecily)
    +gel Ü (Angelica)
    +charmingchris (chris)
    +pm513 (Amanda)
    +firefawn (Cal)
    +Cookie Crumble
    +Summer Cohen
    +tutrgrrl-91 (Aneesa)
    +ForeverCharmed (Kirsten)
    +~summer & seth~(Amy)
    +Ocgirl411 (Natasha!)
    +TwoTreeHills (Dani)
    +agiannino (Panda)
    +damnprecious (Melissa)
    +nLOVEw/Adam (SLea)
    +ILovePeaches (Alicia)
    + krisz
    + whitelilly0989 (Shary)
    +daves angel (Paula)
    +Marissa4EVA (Gerry)
    + the oc rocks! (Priya)

    PM the thread starter to be added or just ask!

    Credit: TwoTreeHills (Dani)

    01. b/c she's a touch excentric!
    02. b/c she can make anyone smile!
    03. b/c Taylor brought light to the show!
    04. b/c autumn is definitely the best season of the year!
    05. b/c she interacts with everyone in the show!
    06. b/c she speaks 4 languages!
    07. b/c she makes groundhog costumes look funny and crazier!
    08. b/c sleeping therapists have never been this good!
    09. b/c Taylor has her moments!
    10. b/c she made The OC shine!
    11. b/c her ideas are unique!
    12. b/c Taylor always has a plan!
    13. b/c Autumn deserved to be a S4 regular!
    14. b/c Autumn can play anything and anyone!
    15. b/c she is good in a crisis!
    16. b/c Taylor's team always wins!
    17. b/c she rocked our proms!
    18. b/c we would all want her living under our bed like in The Cold Turkey.
    19. b/c she is so full of joy, you just wanna hug her!
    20. b/c she saved the show and everyone!

    Have another reason? Please PM or just post!

    Credit: TwoTreeHills (Dani)

    01. Hot Girls In Good Moods - Butch Walker
    02. Calling All Angels - Train
    03. A Little Respect - Erasure
    04. Have A Nice Day - Stereophonics
    05. Are You Still Having Fun - Eagle Eye Cherry
    06. Anywhere You Go - Gin Blossom
    07. The Best Damn Thing - Avril Lavigne
    08. Brighter Than Sunshine - Aqualung
    09. Boys, Girls Wanna Be Her - Peaches
    10. Contagious - Avril Lavigne

    Have any more songs? Pm the thread starter or just post!

    Credit: TwoTreeHills (Dani) (Under construction)

    Credit: Steph

    Credit: TwoTreeHills (Dani)

    Credit: gillian (Gill)

    Thread #16

  • #2
    Thanks for the new thread, Kris.

    I just found this review of Valentine. The author is very nice about the show and Autumn.

    Just as hilarious is Autumn Reeser who virtually jumps up and down with innocence & enthusiasm and gets some of the pilot's best lines.


    • #3
      No problem, Cal.

      I would have to totally agree with her description. Autumn did have the best lines and her delivery was prefect.


      • #4
        There are some new pics of Autumn up at Wireimage. I do love her in that colour.



        • #5
          Thanks for posting, Cal. Autumn looks great as usual.


          • #6
            She does. I love her hair pulled back like that. She looks really young, fresh and cute.

            BTW, did you see she's updated her site again. I'm not sure about this hiatus thing. Do you think it's a good or bad sign for the show's future?



            • #7
              Huh? I wonder what that means a month long hiatus? Last night's episode was the best yet. Grace was in it less and the couple they were getting together was very interesting. Phoebe and Kate's relationship is sooo funny. Leo was helping Phoebe look in her apartment for clues to her background, which they ended up burning down. The couple they were putting together was a successful actress who was convicted for her 3rd DUI in front of the paparazzi and was sent to do 100 hours communtiy service in the theater. The director/actor was her soul mate. It was cute how they fell in love. Then her agent went to him b/c Mischa Barton had mono and couldn't do the part. He signed off and then went and lied to her saying he didn't want her to do the part. So she left to do Mischa's role and then the gods had intervene to let her know her agent lied and bring them back together. Plus someone is messing Phobe's oracle too. It is getting interesting.

              Do you think she is getting married soon??


              • #8
                It's good that Phoebe got more attention and funny that they mentioned Mischa! IDK about the hiatus. I wonder how many episodes the network originally asked for. I think it's usually 7 or 13 for new shows, so maybe they've filmed what they've been contracted for now and are on hiatus waiting to see if the CW ask for any more. The ratings for the first 2 episodes were both over 1 million, but last night it dropped to 718,000 so I don't think it's looking good.

                Maybe Autumn will get married during the hiatus, but I would think she'd be so excited that she'd say something on her site.


                • #9
                  It is a shame that the ratings did so bad last night, b/c I thought it was the best episode so far. I know I thought it was funny too about them mentioning Mischa. It was a few times too.

                  She may not mention it until after the wedding. They have been engaged for about a year and I haven't read anything else about a date yet have you? (maybe she is waiting for Ben. LOL)


                  • #10
                    Yeah, those ratings aren't good at all, but it's the whole of the CW's Sunday line-up, not just Valentine. They should have promoted it more. On the site where I got the ratings (Media Week so it's reliable), they said that production had been shut down on Valentine, so IDK if that means the hiatus is permanent.

                    And LOL. I like Jesse, but I'd love it if she was waiting for Ben!!


                    • #11
                      I think the lack of promoting from the CW plus it went alongside football and the baseball play offs. After watching this past week, I thought the show had potential.


                      • #12
                        I hope that the network stick with it and maybe promote it a bit more. It sounds like it's getting promising. It's a shame when a new show that needs support goes up against sport though. I think American Mall had that problem because it was shown during the Olympics. I just wish Autumn could get some higher-profile stuff right now. But then again, compared to the rest of The OC cast, she is still doing OK. It's not as though any of them have become megastars since the show ended.


                        • #13
                          Very true. She does seem to be the most active since the show ended.

                          Even with American Mall, they could have replayed it again on MTV since it was competing with the Olympics. The CW did not do anything for Valentine.


                          • #14
                            She's definitely been the most active and because she's done quite a bit of TV-related stuff, it's been shown too. Better for us than her just doing films that end up taking years to get released. I mean, we've been waiting ages for Palo Alto. I am glad she likes doing TV.


                            • #15
                              I am glad she likes tv too. She has been fortunate to get a lot. Hopefully, Palo Alto will come out soon.

                              OT: I was watching Entourage last night, (have you ever seen that? awesome show!!! keeps getting better and better, I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it yet) anyway, Alan Dale was on it. He was awesome in his role! It sounds like he may be on frequently too. I looked him up on imdb and he has done a lot since The OC. Shows I don't watch, but he has been pretty busy as well.