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Ben McKenzie/Ryan Atwood #266 b/c Johnny got his Gun, now so does Ben

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  • Ben McKenzie/Ryan Atwood #266 b/c Johnny got his Gun, now so does Ben

    Thread #265

    Thank You Marisa

    ^credit: kathy


    BENJAMIN McKENZIE (Ryan Atwood on THE O.C.)

    Hard to believe this is Benjamin McKenzie's first starring role!

    As Ryan Atwood, the neglected, filled with angst kid from Chino escaping a violent stepfather and a drunken mother, he is adopted by the Cohen's and moves into an affluent neighborhood in the O.C. Instantly befriended by Seth Cohen, his adopted brother, he suffers through adjusting to this new “rich” life and dealing with the “rich kids”. An on-again off-again relationship with Marissa brings out his tendency to settle any problems with his fists.

    Ben on the other hand was born and raised in Texas, attended Austin High and graduated from the University of Virginia (like his father and grandfather before him) where he majored in Foreign Affairs and Economics. The oldest of three sons to poet-writer, Frances and attorney Pete Schenkkan, Ben moved to New York City after graduation and three weeks before 9/11 to pursue his passion for acting. He appeared off-Broadway in "Life is a Dream" at the Soho Rep. He also appeared in numerous productions at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, including "Street Scene" and "The Blue Bird," and at the University of Virginia, in "Measure for Measure" and "Zoo Story".
    He eventually moved to L.A. where he bunked down on a friend's sofa and got a couple of bit parts in JAG and The District before landing the role of Ryan Atwood in the O.C. almost exactly one year after moving to L.A.
    Real Name: Benjamin McKenzie Schenkkan
    Age: 28
    Birthdate: September 12, 1978
    Home: Santa Monica, California
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 170

    -Uncle is Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Robert Schenkkan
    -Education: Austin High, graduated 1997; University of Virginia, bachelor's degree 2001
    -His paternal grandparents both did some acting when they were young. His 22-year-old brother Nate is a Yale graduate working in avant-garde theater in New York. Younger brother Zack, 19, is attending Pomona College, a half-hour away from Los Angeles, and still pondering his future.
    -He followed his father and grandfather to the University of Virginia, where he graduated in 2001 with a degree in economics and foreign relations.
    -He changed his name for screen-credit purposes because there's an actor named Ben Schenkman registered with the Screen Actors Guild.
    -Son of Austin attorney Pete Schenkkan and poet-writer Frances Schenkkan
    -Moved to New York City three weeks before 9/11
    -While in New York he waited tables to help support himself and shared a bunk bed in a cramped apartment in the city.
    -Mother: Frances Schenkkan will begin the master's program in creative writing at the University of Texas in the fall. She's been a newspaper reporter and editor, and in the 1980s she served on the Austin Planning Commission and the board of the Austin Child Guidance Center. She is a recipient of the Adele Steiner Burleson prize in poetry at the university. She and husband Pieter have three sons, Ben, Nate, and Zack.
    -He graduated from the same high school in Austin that the Bush twins (Jenna and Barbara) graduated from. He was a senior the year they were freshmen.
    -Second cousin of Sarah Drew
    -Was a speaker at the Democratic National Convention on July 27, 2004.
    -Drives an Infiniti G35.

    credit:~summer & seth~

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    Ask if you want to be added, we need as much Ben/Ryan loving fans as we can get!

    ^credit: este_corazon

    ^credit: kathy
    All our old titles!
    b/c he is SUPER hot.
    b/c we love bad boys!!!
    b/c has never been a BOYFRIEND before!
    b/c he is SO DAMN HOTT
    b/c this season he is the best of the boys
    b/c his creek dance was so cute!
    b/c Ryan may have gone soft, but Ben is still hot!!!!
    b/c he is Drop Dead Gorgeous!
    b/c I love him more than u so there!
    b/c I have over Cert 18 thghts everytime i see him topless!!!
    b/c he will stand by the woman he loves...
    b/c I love him and his autograph sssoooo much!
    b/c he loves Marrissa and We love him!
    b/c President Benjamin Mckenzie would get my vote!
    b/c he would do a gay scene with Adam if he got horny!!
    b/c I love him and it was time for a new thread
    b/c hes really HoT & wE LoVe HiM aLoT!!
    b/c he'd do anythin 4 Marissa!...u gotta love him!
    b/c his new movie JuneBugs coming out soon!
    b/c Ugly hats aren't his thing!
    b/c He's the man of our dreams and he's our Benny Bear!
    b/c Bennys Bears 27th b-day and his 27th thread!
    b/c he is the best boyfriend EVER!!!!!!!
    b/c b/c we wanna dance with him like the girl on Ellen did
    b/c he dosen't let anyone hurt his girl!
    b/c hes romantic and people of all ages love him!
    b/c we want to squeeze his behind!
    b/c He is one half of the most Romantic Couple ever
    b/c he's a true Texas hottie
    b/c he's our favourite metrosexual teddy bear!
    b/c he is soooo adorable in interviews !!
    b/c his potential is endless
    b/c he makes us tingle inside
    b/c he CAN use his head!
    b/c he hits a bag rather than a face
    b/c he's a real man, a mensch and a barmistvakkah
    b/c he heats our seats!!!
    b/c because we want to hug him.
    b/c we love the puppy dog face.
    b/c the oc would be so much better if Ryan was naked !!
    b/c Kid chino is eighteen now.
    b/c we love his blue collar DNA.
    b/c shirtless Ryan is drool-worthy
    b/c He Makes The CUTEST Funniest Faces Ever !!!
    b/c the punching bag scenes are just too damn sexy!
    b/c he's a smiler
    b/c he got into Berkeley.
    b/c we want to dance with him too!!
    b/c we want to have his baby.
    b/c he is a Stallion.
    b/c he's a hugger !!!
    B/c randoms come and go, but RYAN is the HERO!!!
    B/C Who Doesnt a Love a Mad Raging Ryan!!
    B/C Leeeeeeets Get Ready To Ruuuuumble Ryan Style!!!!
    B/C:he kicked some surf Nazi ASS !!
    B/C Chino Boys do it Better !!!
    b/c we want to be in Italy with him.
    b/c we want to bring him spaghetti to bed
    b/c we all love his bad days
    b/c he's the new James Dean
    b/c he's soooooo Bellissimo
    b/c we want to be the hole in his jeans.
    b/c Ryan is love, and love always live
    b/c when he smiles, it feels like heaven
    b/c People just dont understand!!
    b/c have you seen his arms ?
    b/c hes hot no matter what he's wearing or not wearing
    b/c when he dress in red, our face get red too.
    b/c he's even look Hot Scruffy
    b/c Ben makes breathing look sexy
    b/c people always have nice thing to say about him
    B/C Colorado here we come!
    b/c he even look HOT sleeping.
    b/c Save a truck ,ride a Ben.
    b/c we want him to wear his sombrero to bed
    b/c what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico
    b/c Big Ben rings our bell
    b/c He is going places
    b/c how can even his voice be so sexy???!
    b/c we all want what's best for him.
    b/c he's even Hotter in person
    b/c we cant wait for 88 Minutes
    b/c Ben and Pacino ? Thats HOT !
    b/c he's been who ever we want him to be for 100 threads
    b/c You want Dean, Phoenix, Crowe? He's got them all
    b/c he makes his mother proud
    b/c he looks so cute with his ugg boots.
    b/c If we won't see him soon, we're going after him.
    b/c He rock our world every day!!
    b/c we found him, but we're still going after him.
    b/c Come on, did you see those shoulders?
    b/c He is the best kisser on TV.
    b/c Ben is life, the rest is just details.
    B/C we found him, but we're still going after him
    b/c He is the best kisser on TV.
    b/c being bruised was never so beautiful.
    b/c He is the force that drives the OC
    b/c We are all cage fighting cheerleaders
    b/c He need to do this !
    B/C This is His time to Shine
    B/C we would love to see HIM working out
    B/C seriously, how can even his BELLYBUTTON be so hot???
    B/C He's got the look, and he's got the book
    B/C He wash his jeans at least once a year.
    B/C we all want to cuddle with Ben.
    B/C we love his stubble !
    B/C We want to seal our lips with his.
    B/C he's got the looks to melt anyone's heart.
    B/C he gives great *puppie eyes*
    B/C he can give you that WTF? look
    B/c we're going too fast to think of a title
    B/c He comes from such an intellectual& artistic family
    B/c how can you not smile back at him ?
    B/c Loving him is easy because he's beautiful
    B/c he's A in Acting !
    B/C he's a super guy and a fantastic actor
    B/C he's our Birthday boy
    B/c the sight of his arms can cause an accident.
    B/C he can cheer us up on a bad day
    B/C Who else looks so damn sexy wet ?
    B/C he's working out for us
    B/C pay homage to the shades !
    B/C we never take a vacation from him
    B/C we miss him soooooo much
    B/C inside this thread HE IS all hot and sweaty.
    B/C He definitely maintains his hunkalicious status
    B/C We are bleeding with him
    b/c He's going to be the best he's ever been this year
    B/C Its Raining BEN!
    B/C Gearing up for a fight is intense and chilling
    B/c he's hanging out with the bunnies in Vegas!!!
    B/C In three weeks he will rock the world!!!
    B/C he makes us cry from trailers
    B/C we divided and conquered him
    B/C Ben will keep us hooked this season.
    B/C It's been 150 threads of true love. Seriously Ben, you have no idea!
    B/C his beauty captured our attention,his personality stole our heart
    B/c he is awesome, Awesome, AWESOME!

    B/C We came from all over the world to love and protect him
    B/c he is Bentastic!!!
    B/C We move so fast, we crashed the board.
    B/C he'll make the guacamole, we'll bring the chips.
    b/c watching him run makes us sweat
    B/C He's SoOoO Bringin SexyBack!!!
    B/c Our Bad Boy is Back!
    b/c Season 4 is Ryans Season!
    B/C Clear the way, the avenger is coming and he's pissed
    B/C His sex scenes are just too hot to show on TV
    B/C we missed his smile
    b/C Ben gives us his all, Brooding, bruised, angst.
    B/C He's coming twice this week. He is *that* good. Hee.
    B/C he gave us a smile, and it was a beautiful smile
    B/C when he fought the tears, we cried for him
    B/C after those episodes, what big movie is not going to want him
    b/c Ben gives good "bedroom eyes" for us
    B/C look at that smile.
    B/C Have You Seen Him Work Out
    B/C His KiSsEs Can Leave Anyone Speechless
    B/C Look Out, The Shirt Is Coming Off Again
    B/C Everything he does just amazes us daily
    B/C suddenly we all need a secretary
    B/C He's a sweet, smart, great, hot guy!
    b/c He Majors in Drama and Comedy!
    b/c seven mins with Ben is OUR ultmate fantasy
    b/c It's a Wonderful Life
    b/c we want to use his body as a jungle gym too
    b/c he changed everyones life for the better
    B/C All We Want For Christmukkah is BEN!
    B/C a hospital bed was never so pretty
    B/c When it comes to Ben, every girl on earth will be easy
    B/c Merry Christmas, Ben. Thanks for coming into our lives. We love you
    B/C He Never Ceazes To AMAZE us
    B/C He tops our every list!!!
    B/c Don't bother us this weekend. We're in Miami Beach, Bitch!
    B/c he is the man of the year. Any year.
    b/c He made out with 7 girls and none of us.
    B/C He stripped just for us!!!
    b/c he knows the Cohens will always be there for him
    b/c we love to see him blush and smile!
    b/c NYE with wet topless Ben rocks our new year!
    b/c The OC might be over, but Ben is just getting started
    b/c His Piercing Blue Eyes Stare Right Into Your Soul~*
    B/c he is hot in every color and every shirt!
    B/C we want to grab his pipe, too!
    B/C We're one thread away from another relationships milestone
    B/C We say for the 200 time: We love you, Ben.
    B/C we start a new century of Ben-Mania
    B/c the show started about him, and it will end about him!
    B/c we can't forget about those wonderful 4 years!
    B/c Puppy eyes is the new brooding
    B/c his kisses turn us on
    b/c filming may have finished, but his legacy will live on
    B/c who doesn't love a romantic Ryan?
    B/c The OC is not even over yet, and we already miss him. Sniff
    B/c Dude, Ryan was LOL!
    B/c we melted, and no one can fix us!
    B/C Squished Ryan IS LOVE.
    B/C He Started The Phenomenon
    B/C He Brought SEXYBACK To WifeBeaters
    b/c even when he's hurt, he won't put himself first
    B/C Pain never looked so beautiful
    B/C of the talent, the brain, the sweetness and the whole package
    B/c "He is sex on a stick". Hee.
    B/c saying goodbye to Ryan is breaking our hearts...
    B/c Farewell Ryan, Godspeed Ben. We love you both so much
    B/c having a dream does make you smart
    B/c It's been only a week and we already miss him so much...
    B/c he is mucho handsome!!!
    B/C 250 Threads Of Swooning Over Our Fave Outsider!!

    If you have some reasons about why YOU love Ben/Ryan go ahead and say them.

    1.Running Up That Hill - Placebo
    2.Right Down the Line-Gerry Rafferty.
    3.Your So Damn Hott-Ok Go!
    5.The Pioneers - Bloc Party/Tuung
    6.I Want To Hear What You've Got To Say - The Subways
    7.Insomnia - Electric President
    8.Jumper - Third Eye Blind
    9.All Kinds of Time - Fountains of Wayne
    10.Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
    11.You Got Me All Wrong - Dios Malos
    12.Inaction - We Are Scientists
    13.Think Twice -Eve6
    14.Fall Away-The Fray
    15.Any Other World-Mika
    16.Honey & The Moon-Joseph Arthur
    17.Rain City-Turin Brakes
    18.Blue Light-Bloc Party
    19.Away From Me-Puddle Of Mudd
    20.Come Into Our Room-Clinic
    21.Change-Blind Melon
    22.Soak In The Sin-Blind Melon
    23.SexyBack-Justin Timberlake
    24.What Goes Around..Comes Around-Justin Timberlake
    25.A Smile That Explodes-Josheph Arthur
    26.Friends-Chris Holmes
    27.All Of My Days-Alexi Murdock
    28.Mr.Blue-Catherine Feeny
    29.Save Me-Jude
    30.Prelude 12/21-A.F.I
    33.Animal I Have Become-Three Days Grace
    34.I Hate Everything About You-Three Days Grace
    36.While you were sleeping -Elvis Perkins
    37.In my life-The Beatles
    38.My Way-Frank Sinatra
    39.Welcome To The Black Parade-My Chemical Romance
    40.Im Not Okay(I Promise)-MCR
    41.You know my name-Chris Cornell
    42.See You Soon-Coldplay
    43.Kreuzberg-Bloc Party
    44.Life is a Song-Patrick Park
    45.Move Along-The All American Rejects
    46.Vindicated-Dashboard Confessional
    47.Pain-Three Days Grace
    48.Lonely Day-System Of A Down
    49.This Is Why I'm Hot-MIMS[
    50.Relax,Take It Easy- Mika
    51.Love Today-Mika
    52.Time Wont Let Me Go - The Bravery
    53.What Ive Done - Linkin Park
    54.Numb - Linkin Park
    55.Honest Mistake - The Bravery
    56.We Are - Ana Johnson
    57.Savin Me-Nickelback
    58.Dirty Lil Secret - The All American Rejects
    59.Home - Daughtry
    60.The Way I Are - Timbaland
    61.Stolen - Dashboard Confessional
    62.Stronger - Kanye West
    63.I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred
    64.Never To Late -Hedley

    If You have more songs that remind you of Ben/Ryan, tell us!

    Thank you izzie

    Thank You tasha!

    ^credit: Theresa
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    thanks for the new thread!!!!!!


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      TFTNT & thanks for using my title

      Guh can never get enough of the OP, such hotness


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        Thanks for the new thread, Cal.

        I agree. I love seeing the OP and all of the hotness again.


        • #5
          Yeah, I love the OP.

          I am getting greedy. I want new pics and interviews. I hope we get more LAPD stuff soon.


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            We did get spoiled a couple of weeks ago with all of the LAPD stuff and JGHG stuff. Hopefully we will get some more soon.


            • #7
              Yeah, with Ben it's kind of all or nothing, isn't it? We go ages and ages with nothing and then for about a week we get a whole load of new stuff. It was great the week 88 Minutes came out, then we had to wait about 6 months for another major week. Still, he's always worth the wait. I just hope LAPD gets picked up because that's all we've got to look forward to right now. Except you've still got JGHG. Lucky!!


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                As much as I'd love daily news, I like the whole all or nothing thinsg from Ben, it's much more amazing when you get something and the excitement lasts ages more


                • #9
                  Yes it is nothing for a few months and loads of stuff for a week and then nothing for months again. I am hoping LAPD gets picked up too.

                  Yes, 3 weeks until JGHG!!


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                    I am hoping that maybe we'll get some news of another new Ben project soon too. I am sure he is still looking for film work.

                    LOL about JGHG. Have you got a calendar to cross off the days? It's not long to go now.


                    • #11
                      LOL. No, I don't have a calendar counting down the days exactly.

                      Is the Stanford Prison Experiment still a possibility? I know it was put on hold but I haven't seen anything recently.


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                        thanks for the new thread. Any news is good but sometimes i hate the wait to hear anything new. I just hope the uk fans get LAPD and i hope that in time jghg will go to dvd so we can see it too.


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                          Originally posted by krisz View Post
                          Is the Stanford Prison Experiment still a possibility? I know it was put on hold but I haven't seen anything recently.
                          I think it's back "in development" for the foreseeable future. I read an article about Christopher McQuarrie and he's got a couple more high-profile writing jobs coming up, so I am guessing that Stanford isn't a priority at the moment for him. I hope that when it finally gets the OK, Ben will still be available because the last time he spoke about it he still seemed very keen to do it.

                          And Tam, I am sure we'll get LAPD in the UK. It's going to be a big show, and we got John Wells' other shows like ER and The West Wing. I can't see it being any different with this one. IDK if we'll get a UK DVD release for JGHG though. It might not be financially viable for the production company, so we might have to buy the US version and work out a way to play it!


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                            thanks for the new thread
                            love the thread


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                              Thanks for the info Cal. I hope he can still do it as well. He sounded very itnerested in the project.