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Charles Meade / Gale Harold

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  • Charles Meade / Gale Harold

    Feel free to post anything regarding Gale Harold playing Charles Meade on The Secret Circle here..

    Best known for his role as Brian Kinney in Queer as Folk, the actor has made appearances on various TV shows, such as a leading role as FBI Agent Graham Kelton on Vanished and as Teri Hatchers love interest on Desperate Housewives. He is currently starring as Julian Parrish on CW’s Hellcats.
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    Showing charles some love


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      Charles Meade is definitely a character to watch!

      I was so shocked to discover that he was the one in the first scene burning down the house of Cassie's mother and herself. And I must admit, it took me about three scenes in to realize that this was not the actor that plays Elijah on The Vampire Diaries.

      I have to admit, the games that Charles is playing is the highlight of the show so far. I wonder just why it is that he won't allow Ethan to tell Cassie about why he loved her mother and why they didn't end up together and what happened to all of them that night. It seems every time someone is close to spilling the details, Charles will use magic from the crystal and stop them. I wonder does he still possess any natural powers of his own: he seems pretty evil.

      I also am wondering if he is manipulating his daughter Diana. Could he have been the one to tell her to bind the circle to stop danger, when in fact it may cause more. Does he have intentions of hurting Cassie or those around her? Just what is the close connection with him and Dawn: is it just because they both want their powers back so badly? Or is there something more sinister up their sleeves. They've already killed two people that we know of: how many more will die to protect the secret?

      Ethan knows that he is evil, but does Adam?
      And does Diana know her father's plans? Or Cassie's grandmother?

      Gale just completed a film, Low Fidelity. In addition to that film, he has also starred in Rehab, Fertile Ground, Passenger Side, Life On The Ledge and Wake [as well as a couple other movies though these are the more well known]. Gale is best known for his roles on hit television series Hellcats as Julian Parrish, Desperate Housewives as Jackson Braddock, Vanished as Agent Graham Kelton, and Queen As Folk as Brian Kinney. In addition to other various tv show appearances such as CSI:NY, Grey's Anatomy, Deadwood, The Unit, Law & Order, and Street Time, Gale has also starred in a couple straight to tv movies.


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        I like Charles even though he the bad guy oo well i still like him.(:


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          I love Charles I liked him at first now i love him..he get's more amazing in every episode he in.


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            Nothing against the actor. Im really not a fan of his Character Charles on TSC.


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              Finally i get to watch TSC today.(-:


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                These threads need to be more active lol.