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Captain Jack Harkness/John Barrowman #1

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  • Captain Jack Harkness/John Barrowman #1

    Captain Jack/John Barrowman Appreciation Thread



    Just ask to be added!

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    I would really love to see John Barrowman in a musical. I wish they'd put him in a movie musical. He had a very small part in the Cole Porter biopic, De-Lovely.


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      I would too! Ive seen him sing on a BBC show before but a movie musical would be great!

      I also heard he wasn't too happy Torchwood only got 5 episodes this year


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        I thought it was somewhat his fault that we only got five episodes, because he's so busy with all of his other projects.


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          I think he only did those because TW only got 5 episodes, I think it was the BBC's decision, as theyre trying out new show formats and such


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            I think he loves the show and the characters, so I'm sure he'd try to make himself available for another series.


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              im sure he would too, i think i read somewhere John wouldn't mind playing jack forever ill try to find a source


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                Just found this highly speculative article/interview....

                CAPTAIN JACK HARKNESS could return to Earth on an emergency mission for the last episodes of David Tennant's Doctor Who at the end of this year.

                And he could also appear in the next series of the hit show, with new Time Lord Matt Smith keen to cross paths with John Barrowman's immortal Torchwood character.

                Captain Jack was last seen transporting himself into space to start a new life at the end of the Torchwood miniseries Children of Earth.

                The actor now appears to be hinting that Captain Jack may return for David Tennant's final adventure as Doctor Who before newcomer Matt Smith moves into the TARDIS.

                Asked whether he'd return for Tennant's last episodes, he told Metro: "I'll put it this way - Captain Jack will always return to the side of the Doctor when he needs assistance."

                Explaining the appeal of Torchwood, particularly in the US, he said: "I think it's the fact I'm portraying somebody people can identify with. Whether it's because he's omni-sexual or he's proud of who he is - he doesn't give a s*** about what anybody thinks.

                "If I had a formula, I would sell it! I'd be handing it out on street corners for 1.50 each. I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the popularity and success of Captain Jack."

                And he may also be joining Desperate Housewives, revealing: "I met with the creator when I was last in Los Angeles. He said he would like to write a role for me in the series. That's as far as it is at the moment."

                In a separate interview, with The Stage, Barrowman said he had met new Doctor Who actor Matt Smith, who told him he hoped their characters would cross paths.

                Barrowman added that it was a strange experience meeting the new Time Lord: "I just feel like I've had an affair - I feel like I've just cheated on David [Tennant] behind his back! Then I told David and he was like 'You turncoat.' But Matt will be brilliant. Like anything, it's different, it's a new energy, he's younger, he'll bring a new twist to it."

                I've no interest in watching Desperate Housewives, even if John does join the cast, but it would be great for his career and his recognizability (I think I just made up that word) in the U.S.


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                  Article & Photos of Barrowman in "La Cage Aux Folles". I bet he's hilarious in the part!

                  Here's another article from the Metro:

                  John Barrowman has admitted that winning the lead role in Torchwood changed his life.

                  The star said he was happy with being a theatre star before he was offered the part of Captain Jack in the Doctor Who spin-off.

                  "I was perfectly content to be working in the West End until I was in my early 70s and hopefully watching my career and roles change as I got older, then suddenly Doctor Who came along which took me in another direction," he said.

                  He continued: "It's changed my life in the sense that people offer me things now. Rather than auditioning, I can pick and choose and it's changed my life financially.

                  "I celebrate that with my family, as I try to help them - I'm putting my nephew through college and did the same with my niece. I'm a big believer in giving back.

                  He also buys himself a treat with every new job he does.

                  "It's important to reward yourself. I do love watches and have quite a few. My pride and joy is my prize Rolex, which I bought when I got my deal for the book."

                  He's also a car enthusiast and currently has seven - one for every day of the week - his favourite being a vintage 1982 Mercedes Benz SL convertible.

                  "I purchase all my cars on eBay - I like a bargain," he reveals.

                  I Am What I Am, by John Barrowman with Carole E Barrowman, is available now.


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                    Excerpted from

                    Stage and screen star John Barrowman, who recently played a limited engagement as Albin in the Menier Chocolate Factory's revival of La Cage Aux Folles, stars in Robin Hood: The Pantomime Adventure in Cardiff beginning Dec. 12.

                    Barrowman will play the title role in Robin Hood through Jan. 24, 2010, at the New Theatre in Cardiff.

                    "Join John as Robin along with his Merry Men as they battle the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham in the pantomime that's packed with comedy, music, excitement and plenty of surprises!," according to the New Theatre's website.

                    The company also features Don Maclean, Andy Jones, Natalia Pestova & Alexei Kislitsyn ("Dancing on Ice"), Pete Gallagher, Emma Thornett, Will Kenning and Jacqui Dubois.

                    For ticket information visit New Theatre, Cardiff | Welcome to the Autumn/Winter Season at the New Theatre.


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                      Latest on John Barrowman

                      I visited John Barrowman's official website and on the news page, there's information about his new CD, links to audio clips, and a list of where in the UK he's going to be visiting on tour in October/November 2010.

                      I also found a link on that page to an interview in "The Scotsman." John is in Glasgow right now taping a new series of his reality show, "Tonight's the Night." In the interview, he talks about "Desperate Housewives," his first visit to the street that is now Wisteria Lane, and a possible guest appearance on "Glee."

                      He talks a bit about his childhood in Glasgow, and it's kind of funny to me to think that we were little kids in Scotland at the same time. I lived there when I was 4-5 years old, and he's about two years younger than me. I lived about 30 miles away in Dunoon, and we visited Glasgow (the big city, compared to Dunoon) a few times. We could have passed on the street!


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                        At long last, the Torchwood comic that John and his sister Carole wrote is coming out this week. Their story is called "The Selkie" and it blends Scottish folklore with a murder mystery.


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                          John Barrowman - Crimefighter

                          Apparently, a few days ago, John Barrowman helped stop a teenage thief from making a getaway. Sounds like he felt sorry for the kid, though. Would be interesting to hear if he's able to do anything to help get the boy out of trouble.

                          Torchwood and Doctor Who star John Barrowman turns real-life crime fighter | Radio Times


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                            Torchwood's John Barrowman to host BBC quiz show Pressure Pad

                            Torchwood's John Barrowman is swapping adventures in space for a much more grounded past time: general knowledge.

                            The 46-year-old, all-singing, all-dancing actor-turned-TV-presenter is hosting a new daily quiz on BBC1 from next month that could, nevertheless, have viewers' pulses racing.

                            The show, Pressure Pad, sees contestants answer general knowledge questions whilst stood in an illuminated arena (the pressure pad, we assume). Two teams of five players will be pitted against each other in head-to-head heats before the winners of the previous round compete in a team final all of which Barrowman "holds court over... with his characteristic style and flair."

                            continue reading