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  • Reiver Madness: Playing Thread

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    Veronica Mars

    ::Slams the door to her LeBaron, the top is down so she easily reaches into the back seat and pulls out her messanger bag, hoisting it over her shoulders. Carefully putting her keys in her bag as she walks towards the school, she scans the crowd of people carefully.::

    (Oh, the joys of being back in school. Of course, nothing has changed at all for me since last year. I'm still the same Veronica Mars, except now I'm not haunted by the murder of my best friend. Not anymore now that her killer is safe behind bars.)

    ::As Wallace joins her, she turns and grins at him, brushing her hair out of her face::

    Wallace: Well, aren't you just chipper about being back? What, disappointed that I haven't gotten around to putting a spirit box in your locker yet?

    ::Reaches into her bag and pulls out a box, opening it and holding it out for Wallace::

    Wallace: Snickerdoodle? I know they're your favorite.


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      Wallace Fennel

      :: joins Veronica as she walks up to the school ::

      :: listens to her "spirit box" comment ::

      Veronica: You know I miss those cookies, and the fact that you actually made them

      :: watches as she searches her bag and gives him a box ::

      Veronica: Did you know that your my hero?

      :: takes the box, opens it and takes one snickerdoodle ::
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        Veronica Mars

        ::Grins at him, shaking her head::

        (The key to Wallace Fennel's heart: snickerdoodles)

        ::Grabs a cooking for herself and then looks around the parking lot once again. It's oddly vacant, no students are lurking around and talking as they would normally do, but she just shrugs it off to first day stuff.::

        Wallace: So, where's the lovely Mac this morning? You two keeping it hush-hush from all the other ladies who's heart you stole last year or is she joining us later?

        (Wallace and Mac dating. I still have to get used to that whole idea. I should be happy though, two of my best friends dating. After all, it's a lot better than them hating each other.)


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          Wallace Fennel

          (These are actually better than last year!)

          Veronica: You know me, Im more of a night person. I woke up a little later than her this time

          :: smiles, while still eating the snickerdoodles ::


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            Veronica Mars

            Wallace: Ah, there are some things I make sure not to know Wallace. What you do in your night life is one of those very things.

            ::Shakes her head and continues walking along side of him.::

            Wallace: I'm betting that if we did want to find her though, she'd be nestled safely in the computer lab doing something with her skills like hacking into some company or other though, right?

            (Of course, she could always be planning her newest money making scheme too. What could she possibly follow the Purity Test with?)

            ::Looks up and notices the crowd of people ahead of her all silent and looking up at the flagpole::

            Wallace: Now wonder who could've possible thought they could out do the legendary Wallace Fennel by getting taped to the flagpole on the first day of classes.


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              Wallace Fennel

              Veronica: She probably would, but thats what I like about her! She`s so smart, but of course.. not smarter than me!

              :: looks at the crowd ::

              Veronica: Thats right, no one can top my first day at school last year. Even if this guy..or girl got taped to the flagpole they wont paint on "snitch" as well as they did on me!

              :: laughs ::

              Veronica: so whats Veronica Mars` plans for this year? Maybe this time you could hide a bong in the new kid`s locker!


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                Veronica Mars

                ::Laughs at her best friend and shakes her head::

                Wallace: Smarter than you Fennel? Never!

                ::She looks at him when he talks about Mac and smiles slightly.::

                (He really does like her, a lot. And I know Mac like him. I swear, the girl is seriously crushing out on Neptune High's biggest basketball star. It's great to see how happy they make each other.)

                Wallace: Of course not, I'm pretty sure that Weevil all got his gang to use a dictionary everytime now since then. Spelling mistakes are a big no-no in the grand scheme of things.

                ::She and Wallace start to walk by the crowd of people, she's barely paying attention to the subtle whispers of the crowd or ever to whatever they're all so focused on.::

                Wallace: This sleuth is hanging up her detective belt. After all, Lilly's killer is behing bars, dad is cutting back on the amount of time I'm allowed to spend in the office. Really, what I want to do is try out for cheerleading again.

                ::Pauses and catches Wallace's surprised look. She stops and turns around because he's not moving anymore.::

                Veronica: Wallace? I'm kidding! I'm still all badass.

                ::She listens and then looks in the direction of the flagpole as Wallace talks to her. Her jaw practically drops when she sees what everyone is staring at. Hector, a PCHer, hanging from a noose tied to the flagpole, dead.::

                (So much for high school being boring and plain. What's with all the PCHers dropping dead. First Felix, now Hector?)
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                  Wallace Fennel

                  :: freezes as Veronica says she wants to join the cheerleading squad ::

                  :: Sighs as she says she`s kidding ::

                  Veronica: You got me scared there! Seemed as if I was losing my BFF, even after all the things I`ve done to you!

                  :: Smiles ::

                  Veronica: What you looking at?

                  :: turns to where Veronica`s looking and raises his eyebrows ::

                  Veronica: And your work has already began, even before walking into the school!


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                    Veronica Mars

                    ::Shakes her head::

                    Wallace: Why is it that people keep insisting on making it their past time to make sure I've got to go around sleuthing?

                    ::She watches at Clemmons and some of the other teachers hurry out and begin herding the students away from the flagpole. Someone cuts Hector down and an Ambulance arrives on the scene.::

                    Wallace: This is a war between the PCHers and the 09ers, Wallace. It's been going on for years. Just...this summer seemed to have changed things.

                    (For the worst. Especially with Logan getting off scott free on the Weevil case.)

                    Wallace: Any number of people could've had the motive and opportunity to kill Hector. This isn't like Lilly's case. There's too many suspects and not enough evidence to lead us anywhere.

                    (And maybe I'm just not willing to throw myself into the middle of this.)
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                      Duncan Kane

                      ::From an elevated position, Duncan merely watched what was happening, keeping to himself. All of a sudden, he was quickly shoved forward, his hands held at his back and he was forcefully escorted by Sheriff Lamb towards the patrol cars. Along the way, Lamb made the walk longer by passing directly in front of Veronica, a personaly grin on his face as he passed her.::

                      Veronica: ".."

                      ::It was only a moment longer before Duncan's head was lowered into the backseat and the car sped away.::


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                        Veronica Mars

                        ::Quickly turns as she sees Duncan being arrested by Lamb, she watches him go, catching his eye as him and Lamb pass by. She's shocked, her jaw drops slightly.::

                        (Of all the people I thought I'd see Lamb dragging off in handcuffs for this, Duncan Kane was definately not one of them. Now, Logan Echolls would've been a different story...)

                        Duncan: Duncan? What...?

                        ::She cuts herself off as he passes by and is shoced into the patrol car. She looks back at Wallace.::

                        Wallace: Now there's something you don't see every day either. If only Lamb were to handcuff me like that!

                        ::Puts on a wispy, dream-like voice for the last part of that sentence.::

                        Wallace: Though, this might make me slightly more interested in this whole case.

                        ::Off of Wallace's "I knew it look". She wrinkles her nose and holds up her fingers, showing the most minimal amount of space she can.::

                        Wallace: Just a little.

                        [[End Scene]]
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                          ::Along time ago, we used to be friends.. begins to play::


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                            Cindy 'Mac' Mackenzie

                            :: Sits at computer drummer fingers on keyboard. Seems to be in deep concentration::

                            :: Sighs ::

                            (Why can't I think of anything? I need inspiration... something BIG! I made a whole lot of moula for The Purity Test. What can top that?)

                            :: checks e-mail and notices an e-mail from Wallace ::

                            :: smiles when reading e-mail ::

                            (I wonder if Wallace saw the major event this morning with Hector. Hector was dead. Dead. That just irks me knowing someone died on school property. Two PCH'ers within a few months. This battle between the 09'ers and PHC'ers has gone too far. Makes me wonder what it would have been like if I wasn't switched at birth... I don't want to think about it. I love my family. I love my friends. I don't want to be an 09'er.)

                            :: Checks clock ::

                            (5 minutes until I see Wallace. I can't stop thinking about him... he just makes me so happy. Yup. Veronica's right. I definatley like him! Now I must wait 5 minutes...)

                            :: Continues starring at the screen not focusing on anything except a certain basketball player ::

                            :: hears a throat cleared behind her ::

                            :: turns around and smiles ::

                            Wallace: Hey!


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                              Wallace Fennel

                              :: walks into the room where Mac sits, by a computer like always. He smiles, even though he just watches the back of her body ::

                              (She`s beautiful)

                              :: Cleares his throat to make her turn around ::

                              Mac: hey

                              :: Walks up to her, giving her a kiss ::

                              Mac: How`s my girl doing?