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Gilmore Girls - Spoilers & Speculations #110

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  • Gilmore Girls - Spoilers & Speculations #110

    Old Thread

    Image created by mariustar.


    The GG Spoiler's Thread is organized and moderated by Luis.

    The GG Spoiler's Thread is keep alive by the incredible fanatics of Gilmore Girls.

    The GG spoiler lowdown is thanks to Jet1945, Fraz, Heather and Luis of Fanbolt.


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    Episode 6.22 - "Partings" - The Season Finale

    Tuesday, May 9
    Gilmore Girls (8:00 - 9:00 pm ET)
    "“Partings” - SEASON FINALE" ((TV-PG, D, L) (HDTV))
    LOVE TAKES A PAINFUL TURN FOR BOTH LORELAI AND RORY AS STARS HOLLOW IS INVADED BY TROUBADOURS — Stars Hollow is suddenly overrun with troubadours when news gets out that the town’s regular street performer (Grant-Lee Phillips) has been discovered. On the evening of Logan’s (Matt Czuchry) graduation from Yale, Rory (Alexis Bledel) throws him a wild party, but the knowledge that he is being forced to leave for London the next day makes their time together bittersweet. Meanwhile, at a Friday night dinner, Emily (Kelly Bishop) and Richard (Edward Herrmann) attempt to set Christopher (David Sutcliffe) up with an attractive young woman (guest star Melora Hardin). Finally, Lorelai (Lauren Graham) decides she was wrong to let Luke (Scott Patterson) postpone their wedding for so long and delivers a tearful ultimatum. Musical guests include Sonic Youth, Sam Phillips, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Yo La Tengo, Sparks, Joe Pernice and Dave Gruber Allen. Melissa McCarthy and Sean Gunn also star. The episode was written by Amy Sherman-Palladino & Daniel Palladino and directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino

    Here it is a bigger version of the poster. It's a zipped file around 5.0MB - Click Here



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      Clips and Promos Section

      Audio Promos

      The next Audio Promo will be for the Season 7 Premiere in September - A Looonng Time Away.

      Video Promos

      Network Feed Gilmore Girls Promo - For Episode 6.01 - New And Improved Lorelai (Repeat)

      The links below are for the promo that aired Sunday, 14 May during Charmed.

      Promo Title: They're Improved?

      The Promo runs for 10 seconds

      Have Fun!

      Computer Geek Stuff:

      PC Users - Right Click to save on your machine
      Mac Users - CTL Click to get context menu to save on your machine.

      Three file formats: DivX AVI (4.0 mB), mpg (1.8 mB), and m4v (1.1 mB). Quality is good enought to double in size for playback in the DivX and mpg formats.

      Network Feed Gilmore Girls Promo - For Episode 6.01 - New And Improved Lorelai (Repeat) - mpg Format

      Network Feed Gilmore Girls Promo - For Episode 6.01 - New And Improved Lorelai (Repeat) - m4v Format - Video iPod

      Network Feed Gilmore Girls Promo - For Episode 6.01 - New And Improved Lorelai (Repeat) - DivX AVI Format

      Technical Note: The DivX Format clip has significant improvement in quality at 720 x 480 in size. Anyone wishing to know how to add a DivX codec and DivX Player to their computer, go to The software is free and far superior to wmv or mpg files. Applies to Windows and Mac machines.

      Episode Video Clips

      Clips from Season 5's Episodes are available on request. PM me with your specific Episode and I will send you back the links.

      Past Episodes

      Episode 6.01 - A New And Improved Lorelai

      Episode 6.02 - Fight Face

      Episode 6.03 - The UnGraduate

      Episode 6.04 - Always A Godmother, Never A God

      Episode 6.05 - We've Got Magic To Do

      Episode 6.06 - Welcome To The Dollhouse

      Episode 6.07 - Twenty One Is The Loneliest Number

      Episode 6.08 - Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out

      Episode 6.09 - The Prodigal Daughter Returns

      Episode 6.10 - He's Slippin' 'Em Bread...Dig?

      Episode 6.11 - The Perfect Dress

      Episode 6.12 - Just Like Gwen And Gavin

      Episode 6.13 - Friday Night's Alright For Fighting

      Current Episode

      The Video Clips for Episode 6.14 - You've Been Gilmored will be posted soon.

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          Thread's General Information

          Episodes Schedule

          And we are officially on hiatus.



          Thread 110 (05/11/2006) -- And things started to get slow already, keep coming back during the summer to get al the info, spoilers and information for next season. Besides, it's a cool place to be.

          Thread 109 (05/05/2006) -- The season finale is in a few days and with it the months of agonizing days without new episodes will begin. I can only hope to see you all around during summer to speculate and read spoilers with us. Thank you for another wonderful season, my friends.

          Thread 108 (04/26/2006) -- Thread 107 (04/20/2006) -- Thread 106 (04/18/2006) -- Thread 105 (04/17/2006)

          Thread 104 (04/16/2006) -- Thread 103 (04/15/2006) -- Thread 102 (04/14/2006) -- Thread 101 (04/13/2006) --
          Thread 100 (04/12/2006) -- Thanks to all the persons, specially to those who are with me since the very begining. A really special thanks to Fraz, my super wonder woman, always there when I needed/need her. Huge thanks to Heather her support means a great deal for me, a hug for you my cute girl! and finally to Jim, what can I say about you, my partner?, Muchas gracias por todo, amigo!.

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            thanks for the new thread...


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    's so freakin sad gilmore girls is over until september...this sucks. it makes this new thread bittersweet.


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                September.... seems so far away. We start getting new spoilers in August though, right?


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                  Most prime time shows go back into production 2nd week of August. Which means writers go back sooner and sides will come out about the first of August.

                  THanks to all for the hard work and great discussion this season.

                  Dont forget to leave positive rep points for people you feel went above and beyond to keep you informed this year.

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                    Last year GG started production around July 20th. Of course, things could be completely different with the new sheriff in GGville

                    Thanks for the thread

                    Thanks for the Forum


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                      Thanks Luis for the thread, thanks Fraz for the information and thanks Captain (I hope that they could start sooner too)!

                      thanks for all the clips, pictures and promos, you have done an excellent job!!
                      I am not sure what We are going to post here all this time while Our Show is on vacation.. the last episode was so sad that we could move of all that sadness in some way and try to watch happier episodes...


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                        Well, I just got S3 for my birthday, and I realize that this is a spoiler thread... but perhaps, instead of just speculating based on the last episode-- We should dive into other seasons, and use those examples to prove our thoughts on next season.

                        I realize we've been doing this a bit, but come on, couldn't we go on with the Christopher/Luke debate forever? Even I could push up Christopher, even though I don't want a LC relationship.

                        I'm going to look for a hint that Christopher and Lorelai are to be together, I can't rememeber seeing any REAL hints in the past. Some people say that they're alike, their conversations are very fluent--But I want some HINTS.

                        Such as the hint in a very early episode in S2.... When LL are standing under that hoopa (spelling?, forgive me) together. Maybe some would say "just foreshadowing that they would one day be together", but I take it completely literal: These two will get married, if not sooner, than letter; these two belong together. But this is from a fellow LL shipper. So, I'm going to turn around the debate, and wonder if I can find alike hints that have nothing to do with the LC past, or the LC DAUGHTER---- to point towards their future. I honestly thought they didn't have a future, they just had the past, and that was okay--- but imo, they've always dwelled on it... "let's be together for the kids.." ---And not to say that fathers aren't important, or having two parental figures in your life... but Lorelai tried damned hard, ... and no one can deny that... No one can deny that Rory needed a father figure, but did she REALLY suffer without one?... Not really...Maybe her value of relationships would have been different if her mom was in a stable relationship in her childhood though (she went from Dean, to Jess, so easily--imo, was cheating on Dean, AND her true feelings)...ALSO, she assisted Dean in cheating on his WIFE.

                        There's tons of stuff to keep us busy for the summer. Also fully critiquing the old episodes of this new guy...


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                          And let's not forget Mrs. Reid she also went to see Jess with the intentions of cheating on Logan. I def. think that Rory has issues with men and relationships and whether this had anything to do with her mother or not I dont know. Let's see how well she handles not seeing her boyfriend on a day to day basis. I can see them introducing another guy in her life while Logan is away, to test their relationship.

                          As far as L/C there havent been any hints that I can think of, but I'm sure if we go back through all the episodes we will find something. I mean ASP wanted to keep us guessing didnt she?


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                            Thanks Luis, Fraz and Heather for the threads and all the information

                            Two things:

                            1) I believe that Lorelai and Luke belong together and there is no way this show will end with them apart. The hints were in the chuppah scene, in These Lazy Crazy Days, WIST, the ILY...

                            I thought when Lorelai proposed she was also avoiding her pain for Rory and trying to replace her all family for Luke (and that was wrong). Luke wasn't accepting very well having TJ and Liz in Stars Hollow.

                            Isn't ulhealth to start a new family when you can deal with your own family?

                            2) While L&L relationship was falling apart, both were slowly reconecting with their own family. But they still have to learn how to "mix" family+relationship.

                            That said,

                            To me, seems like things will start a little rock for them in season 7 and probably will be apart for at least 4 episodes, but once their make up will happen in a better place than the first propose.


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                              I don't know. I think it's going to go on way longer than four episodes. This isn't a disagreement over who's been talking to whom without consulting their significant other - like the last time. This is about Lorelei being cut out of Luke's life entirely, and him basically rejecting her after she FINALLY admits her feelings out loud to him. This is about Lorelei not talking to Luke and then (probably) sleeping with another man – and not just any other man, but Chris – the one person Luke is insecure about.

                              For all we know, Luke may think that she's going to cool off and that they'll talk then - only to find out later she's been with Chris - and then pull a Rory - feeling all betrayed even though they "weren't together" (to quote Logan).

                              Just my two cents - I think we will see this drawn out through the better part of next season - much like the Rory/Lorelei thing was this season.