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Veronica Mars Spoilers & Speculations #28

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  • Veronica Mars Spoilers & Speculations #28

    Tuesdays @ 9/8c on The CW

    In the wealthy, seaside community of Neptune, California, Hearst College stands as a beacon of higher education, but within this idyllic and sun-drenched campus, higher education is not always what it appears. In between the beer-soaked dorm parties and all-night cram sessions, the student body is facing a terrifying threat. Luckily for them, incoming freshman and part-time private investigator Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell, "Deadwood") is used to taking on a few extra-curricular activities.

    Hoping to leave the ghosts of Neptune High behind her, Veronica, along with boyfriend Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring, "Judging Amy") and best friends Wallace Fennel (Percy Daggs III, "The Guardian") and Mac (guest star Tina Majorino, "Napoleon Dynamite"), are now freshmen at Hearst College. But with each determined to soak up the college experience in their own way, it quickly becomes obvious that some ghosts are here to stay. Even their high school graduation was marred when Veronica’s unlikely ally Eli "Weevil" Navarro (Francis Capra, "C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation") was arrested and dragged out of the ceremony in handcuffs.

    Add to that the increasingly dangerous private investigator business run by Veronica’s father Keith (Enrico Colantoni, "Just Shoot Me"), and her spreading reputation around campus as a girl who can fix the unfixable, it doesn’t take long to realize the Hearst College has never faced a student like Veronica Mars.

    Building on its trademark twists and turns, with a new campus, new faces and new surprises, the third season of "Veronica Mars" promises to keep both old and new fans guessing alike.

    Joel Silver ("The Matrix"), creator Rob Thomas ("Cupid"), Jennifer Gwartz & Danielle Stokdyk and Diane Ruggiero are executive producers. "Veronica Mars" is from Silver Pictures Television, in association with and distributed by Warner Bros. Television Productions Inc. Production services are provided by Stu Segall Productions, Inc.

    Don't forget, you can always catch up with Season 1 and Season 2 on DVD!

    And you can now watch the four most recent episodes of Veronica Mars in full at The CW.


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    Veronica Mars is Now "Officially Dead"
    Maybe now the healing can begin...

    The CW has officially pulled the plug on Veronica Mars. Series creator Rob Thomas confirmed the news for me via e-mail just moments ago.

    "I'm afraid I have to report that Veronica Mars is officially dead," he wrote. "At least in TV show form. There's really no way that it can happen now. I'm not sure the CW should've given the glimmer of hope. I think Dawn Ostroff genuinely would have liked to have continued on with a version of the show, but there was too much resistance around her. At the end of the day, it would've been kinder had the band aid simply been ripped off rather peeled away in than this agonizingly slow manner."

    Ironically, the news comes just as Veronica Mars fans — inspired by Jericho's 11th hour resurrection — are in the midst of bombarding The CW with thousands of Mars candy bars in advance of that June 15 deadline.(Ausiello 6-11-07)
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      Breaking: Veronica Mars Creator Is Officially Miss/Guided!

      Unless you've been living under a rock recently, you've probably heard that Veronica Mars—at least in its TV version—is officially dead. The CW has decided not to pick it up for a fourth season.

      But I have a shining, bedazzly silver lining for you fans: Miss Mars' story may live on as a comic book or as a feature film (we'll get to that). And, breaking news! VM mastermind Rob Thomas has just confirmed to me exclusively that he's stepping in as executive producer of the new comedy Miss/Guided, so we'll still get to see his work on the small screen this coming TV season. Hurrah!

      "I'm the new show runner on Miss/Guided, the Judy Greer half-hour midseason for ABC," Rob tells me. "Judy plays a high school counselor who has returned to the high school she attended as a student. It was created by a talented first-year Office writer named Caroline Williams."

      As I mentioned in my liveblog from ABC's upfront presentation in New York, Miss/Guided looks to be adorable, witty and funny, and I can only imagine that with Thomas on board, it will become an instant fave among us VM fans.

      As for Veronica Mars, Thomas tells me: "I think the best odds for seeing the continuation of the Veronica Mars story is in comic-book form. I had a meeting with DC Comics last week. They want to do the series. I want to do the series. It's just a matter of making a deal and figuring out when I have the time to write it. And perhaps a feature screenplay will follow."

      Please oh please oh please?

      Anyway, congrats, R.T.! Or actually, I should probably be congratulating ABC instead. They've just inherited one of the finest TV-makin' minds of all time. (Kristin E! 6-12-07)
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        Episode 19 & 20 Spoilers

        Empty Post....
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          Season 4 Rumors and Speculation

          Empty Post......
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            General Spoilers

            Empty post.....
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              Safe To Post

              ETA: From Kristin:
              No official word yet of Veronica Mars' fate, but I can tell you that, sadly, so far, none of the cast has been booked to travel to NYC for the CW's upfront. Now, the See-Dub's presentation isn't til Thursday morning, so there is still a smidge of time to get them out here, but in past years, the cast had been booked by now. VM fans, keep those fingers crossed that Dawn Ostroff sees the light!

              EATA: From Ausiello:
              Veronica Mars isn't even dead, but already the vultures are circling.

              Reliable sources confirm that CBS has approached Mars' creator extraordinaire Rob Thomas about assuming show-running duties on its just-picked-up fall pilot Viva Laughlin! in the event CW axes VM. Produced by Hugh Jackman, Viva is described as a musical drama about a man who opens a casino in Laughlin, Nev.

              It goes without saying that this'll all be a moot point if CW picks up VM in the FBI. And last I heard there was still a chance of that happening. Albeit a slim one.

              In other words, don't you dare give up hope!

              (BTW, I was kidding about the vultures part. CBS would be very smart to snatch up Thomas should he become available.)
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                i wonder what piz's secret is?? intersting


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                  It became clear from later spoilers that the secret was about the sex tape. Logan assumed Piz had secretly filmed himself and Veronica having sex, but, as we find out later in the episode, it wasn't Piz.


                  The CW has picked up One Tree Hill, Supernatural, and Smallville, as well as 3 new shows (a fourth is expected). Still no word of Mars.


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                    Reliable sources confirm that CBS has approached Mars' creator extraordinaire Rob Thomas about assuming show-running duties on its just-picked-up fall pilot Viva Laughlin! in the event CW axes VM.
                    Interesting. I can say that this is a show I'm looking forward too next fall.

                    If RT heads that show, I guess we can expect some snappy dialogue and maybe some familar faces.


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                      Thanks Tuber for the new thread

                      As for the articles and speculations circulating about the shows being picked up or renewed by CW - well, that's not sounding too good for VM.

                      I know that GG is having its series finale tonight and last week that brought VM at the forefront for a more than possible 4th season only to be pulled back down to cancellation when ratings for the latest episode sunk even lower. I think the CW is going to do something risky and do a complete makeover with their Tuesday night lineup which probably will necessitate canceling VM....but those are just my non-upbeat thoughts. Sorry to bring everyone down. I don't mean to be such a pessimist, but I just don't want to fall 1,000 feet from the air when Thursday comes around and VM isn't one of the shows part of the new Fall schedule.


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                        Well, the non up-beat thoughts continue.
                        From Ausiello:
                        Veronica Mars is Not on CW's Fall Sked

                        The roller-coaster ride continues...

                        I'm hearing the schedule that the CW will present to advertisers on Thursday morning does not include Veronica Mars in any form: college, FBI or otherwise.

                        That doesn't, however, mean the show is dead. One rumor making the rounds is that Dawn Ostroff is delaying a decision until after the upfront.

                        I don't know how much longer I can take this!


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                          From Variety:
                          The CW has officially greenlit three dramas and two unscripted magazine shows — and it's looking like the sun is going down on "Veronica Mars."

                          Definitely gone: "All of Us," the Will Smith-produced laffer that ran for three seasons on UPN and CW. Returning shows snagging official pickups: Laffers "Girlfriends" and "The Game," and dramas "Smallville," "Supernatural" and “One Tree Hill." CW picked up "Everybody Hates Chris" for a third season earlier this spring

                          And while nothing's official, people familiar with the situation said "Mars" was, indeed, canceled.

                          As expected, execs at the Green net Tuesday called the producers of "Gossip Girl," "Reaper" and a remake of Blighty family drama "Wild at Heart" to give them the good news. After some last-minute snags, comedy "Aliens in America" also got the go-ahead Tuesday afternoon.

                          CW is moving forward with a pair of magazine style shows, both of which will likely air Sunday nights in the 7 p.m. timeslot. “Online Nation” is a sort of "America's Funniest Home Videos" for the YouTube generation, while “CW Now” is the net's "ET"-style look at pop culture.

                          On the scripted side, greenlight for "Gossip Girl" gives exec producer Josh Schwartz his second series order this sea-son. It’s a quick comeback for Schwartz, whose last hit—Fox's "The OC"— left the air in February.
                          Variety is pretty damn near official.

                          I have no words.


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                            no no no no no i still have faith


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                              I'm really starting to hate the CW. I want Veronica Mars. They already took Gilmore Girls.