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Ron & Hermione #5 b/c Voldie may ship H/Hr but Harry ships R/Hr!!

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  • Ron & Hermione #5 b/c Voldie may ship H/Hr but Harry ships R/Hr!!

    The Ron/Hermione Thread

    Credit: Marissa

    Credit: Beckie

    JK Rowling: Does Hermione like Ron as more than a friend? The answer to that is in Goblet of Fire!
    JK Rowling: Yes, something's "going on," but Ron doesn't realize it yet. Typical boy.
    JK Rowling: We know. Yes, we do now know that it's Ron and Hermione.
    JK Rowling: Ron and Hermione I would say. There's more tension there.
    Emma Watson: Well, Harry is the hero I suppose, but obviously not for Hermione.
    Emma Watson: Aw, cmon, you know its gotta be Hermione and Ron!
    Emma Watson: A perfect couple
    Daniel Radcliffe: There's a huge amount of sexual tension between them
    Daniel Radcliffe: Oh you two are definitely, you're madly in love.
    Daniel Radcliffe: There's a lot of stuff going on between them.
    Rupert Grint: I think they'll get together.
    Tom Felton: The way the author goes, that she wants Ron and Hermione to maybe have some chemistry

    Shippers list

    Crash & Burn

    Reason's why we love them

    They were always more than friends (theoc4ever)
    He ate slugs for her and that's hot (danyjoncew)
    She punched Mallfoy for him (theoc4ever)
    They held hands (theoc4ever)
    They are jealous of each other (theoc4ever)
    She wanted him to ask her to the dance (theoc4ever)
    ... do you believe in trees? (danyjoncew)
    .... isn't it obvious? (danyjoncew)
    kissing another girl = being attack by birds. (danyjoncew)
    they are the cat and the rat. (danyjoncew)
    she was brilliant, of course. (danyjoncew)
    she gave him a good luck kiss. (danyjoncew)
    we don't need the movies. (danyjoncew)
    she's not in love with Vicky. (danyjoncew)
    they had fun alone in Hogsmeade. (danyjoncew)
    er-my-nee. (danyjoncew)
    they are the sidekicks. (danyjoncew)
    He knows she's a girl! (danyjoncew)
    if she looked at the mirror she'd see them together (danyjoncew)
    he had dirt on his nose and she was mental (danyjoncew)
    Harry thought they were having funtogether (danyjoncew)
    he makes her laugh (danyjoncew)
    she makes him lose his mind (danyjoncew)
    she chose him over her holidays (danyjoncew)
    she chose him over Bulgaria (danyjoncew)
    she jinxed a student for him (danyjoncew)
    she can't resist helping him (danyjoncew)
    there was snow in her hair (danyjoncew)
    even Lavender knew it (danyjoncew)
    boys always tease those they like (zealousheart)
    they've always been there for each other (zealousheart)
    the Weasleys like her (zealousheart)
    she doesn't need love potions to have him (danyjoncew)
    she's got to sort out her priorities (danyjoncew)
    Ron was Jealous of Herm's crush on Lockhart (
    Ron thinks she is Brilliant...But scary. (
    with Viktor, she was fraternizing with the enemy! (
    they were along in the bathroom and Harry heard whispering voices. (
    of the countless detentions Ron got for standing up for Her. (
    Ron realizes the importance of marrying Muggles. (
    Ron is the one who noticed her wonderful new teeth. (
    fighting is their only way to keep their hands off each other. (
    Ron is the only one who can make her laugh and cry just the same. (
    Ron is the only one who can call Hermione a "know-it-all" (
    he always reminds her to have fun (
    even Hagrid paired Ron and Hermione (
    Ron knows what immortal means (
    she doesn't have to teach Ron how to say her name! (
    even Harry had gotten the point!! (
    Hermione "flung her arms around Ron's neck and broke down completely" (
    they talk about Harry together (
    they're best friends, too (
    they would both stand by Harry until the end of time (
    Because Ron was very concerned when Hermione's schedule was so full (
    "Where's Hermione when you need her?" (
    they bicker loud enough to not hear the bell (
    they are always having a go at each other (
    only they can drive Harry mad (
    one look at Ron and her frostiness melts away (
    Hermione is honestly the most wonderful person he knows (
    Hermione's anxious to know where Ron is (
    Hermione's dropping hints all over and Ron is still adorably clueless! (
    what were Hermione and Ron busy with? (
    it's always "we" and "Ron and I - Hermione and I" (
    they actually resemble two wonderful couples in the book - Molly and Arthur and Lily and James (
    "I love you, Hermione"... (danyjoncew)
    ... and she knows it's true enough for it to hurt Lav-Lav (danyjoncew)
    "who are you and what have you done with Hermione Granger?" (danyjoncew)
    he cried on his shoulder
    JKR says so (zealousheart)
    Emma says so (zealousheart)
    rows = sexual tension (zealousheart)

    old threads
    #4 b/c it's now or never, isn't it?
    #3 b/c the time has come for them to finally get together
    #2 b/c kissing other girls = being attacked by birds
    b/c they were always more than friends
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    aha i love the title =]
    thanks for the thread


    • #3
      Must think of R/Hr questions to ask Jo.


      • #4
        What have you submitted so far, Dany?


        • #5
          Hmm... I don't even remember... just typed a bunch of questions. About...... DoM, if that was Ron and Hermione's first kiss and what happened in the Chamber, stuff about Dumbledore and Lupin, Dudley's dementor...


          • #6
            oh yeah.. Dudley's dementor.. I'd like to hear about that! *nods* And of course all the rest of your questions! Lol..

            I went totally fangirlish and praised her to the heavens before I asked my question..


            • #7
              I wanted to say something stupid like "Brazil says hi", but I didn't.Oh, I asked about the baby in King's Cross to. But anyway, I'll go back and post more questions. We need to think of shippy questions.


              • #8
                hmmm.. shippy questions.. *thinks*

                When did R/Hr get married? Was Viktor invited to the wedding (hehe)? Did Harry & Ginny and Ron & Hermione get married the same day? Who popped the question? When did they start living together?

                Yeah.. boring..


                • #9
                  Send them. I doubt I'm getting any answer, anyways... I'm gonna ask her when did she decide that Harry would have two best friends and that they would become a couple.


                  • #10
                    awww... ^_^ Cute! Teehee.. I wonder if she planned it from the beginning..


                    • #11
                      Ooo good question! The title is such LOVE!

                      I most want to know the first kiss thing too, like were they together for the whole book or just flirty?


                      • #12
                        The title IS love!

                        Harry said they were 'sort of' together.. That was so cute!


                        • #13
                          Haha I still think it's funny that Voldemort shippped TT

                          hhmmm I take it JKR is taking fan questions? How many will she actually answer? I have so many and that doesnt include ships..


                          • #14
                            I have no idea.. as many as they can squeeze in, I imagine..

                            Yeah.. Voldie shipped TT.. what does that tell you?

                            No.. I'll be good..



                            • #15
                              well, every ship has atleast one evil pansy shipper what can I say? it brings appeal haha