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    As a college student, I spend a lot of time working hard to find new ways to pay for college, as well as looking for new resources for papers, books, etc. I'll post my links if you'll post yours! Please include a small description with your link so everyone knows what amazing treasure you've given us. I'll go through every few weeks and add all the links to the first post, so we can have everything quickly at hand.; amazing site that allows you to search colleges and pretty much walks you through getting into the college of your dreams.
    Scholarship Points; you register, earn points by completing simple tasks (surveys, quizzes, reading blogs) which you can then put towards entries into scholarship drawings. They do a monthly $10,000 scholarship drawing!; the Netflix of books. You sign up, rent your college books, and you can keep them as long as you need, then simply mail them back! They'll also buy your old text books off you. Plus, they keep track of the money that's saved with renting books and plant a tree for every book you rent though them. It's easy, and green! I'm going to try it this semester, so PM me if you're curious about it.; An amazing resource for college and college-bound students alike. It has everything from college searches that tell you what the college is looking for, reviews from current and past students, to financial aid information and college survival guides. I've been using this site for YEARS to prepare for college and now to survive semester to semester.
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    Hey this is pretty neat Chloe, Thanks for sharing these websites! I never heard of any of these before.


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      thanks its a very nice post.


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        I just came on looking to see if anyone had posted anything about schollaships--and saw your link. THANK YOU so much! I sooooo need some $$$ help!



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          Try using too

          Oh, and
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            Great resource for getting insight & helping out with feedback about professors for students by students is just priceless


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              I would like to share one site if you need assistance regarding admissions.