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‘Westworld’ Sneak Peek Episode 4: Dissonance Theory

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Have you been watching HBO’s Westworld? We love it! HBO has released new images along with a teaser trailer for what fans can expect in upcoming weeks, including this Sunday’s fourth episode “Dissonance Theory”. Enjoy a sneak peek at what’s to come on HBO’s Westworld below! Westworld Sneak Peek Westworld Sneak Peek Episode 4: Dissonance […]

Gaming News

Head It!: VR Soccer Heading Game is Worth the Headache

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Head It!: VR Soccer Heading Game is a very simplistic game for the HTC Vive where a ball is kicked at the player and they must use their head to get it in the goal. That’s all there is too it. Players get three chances on 5 different difficulties and once they miss three times […]


Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition Is Coming to London

Emma Loggins

Star Wars creators have announced that Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition is coming to London. With the new film in the franchise Rogue One: A Star Wars Story set for release in December 2016, in collaboration with Lucasfilm, Montreal’s X3 Productions have decided to roll out extensive archive collection which is currently on a world […]

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Atlanta’s Netherworld Offers Best Haunts of 2016!

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It’s no secret that we love our haunted houses here at FanBolt – really anything in the horror genre we love and the more immersive the experience the better. Each year I look forward to seeing what co-creators Ben Armstrong and Billy Messina have put together, from the scary (but also charmingly witty) characters that […]

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‘Shrek 5’ Is Happening

Emma Loggins

The story for Shrek 5 is being penned by ‘Austin Powers’ writer Michael McCullers. DreamWorks Animation previously unveiled plans to release another installment in the franchise about the lovable green ogre and now it has been revealed that McCullers is currently writing the script and will be reunited with Mike Myers, who starred as spoof […]