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The O.C. ended on Feb. 22nd 2007 with the series finale episode 'The End's Not Near, It's Here'.

This site will remain online as a tribute to the series and a place where you can find info on the cast.

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Sep 27, 2010 - 12:45PM by The OC Online
You may know him best as Jimmy Cooper, Mischa Barton's financially unstable dad on The O.C., but now can confirm that Tate Donovan is going to bring some west coast drama to the Upper East Side -- he'll be directing a new episode of Gossip Girl!

"Tate is directing an episode this week that will air in Nov.," an insider told us Sept. 27, adding, "As of now, it's just one episode, but we'll see what happens. He's been working on his resume as a director for years now. He's done several top shows and [the Gossip Girl producers] wanted him."

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Apr 21, 2010 - 2:15PM by The OC
Mischa Barton Interview
Our host FanBolt had the pleasure of speaking with Mischa Barton, who discussed her love of the thriller genre, her inspiration, and her starring role as "Shelby" in Paramount Home Entertainment's thriller Homecoming on DVD on April 20th.

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Dec 02, 2009 - 12:51PM by The OC
Today on Funny or Die we have a hilarious new video starring the always beautiful Rachel Bilson (The OC) and the always funny Adam Scott (Step Brothers). In this fake deleted scene from a movie called "Hearts of Palm," Rachel gets a bit hesitant about baring all for the camera so they bring in the best body double they can find.

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Sep 22, 2009 - 2:36PM by The OC

Jul 30, 2009 - 3:07PM by The OC Online
Josh Schwartz @ Comic Con '09
He may have not been there for our beloved series - but Josh Schwartz was present at Comic Con '09 in support of 'Chuck'. I got a shot of him in the press line - and I'll have some quotes from an interview up with him soon. I got him to talk a little bit about the OC fandom! :-)

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Jul 16, 2009 - 10:49AM by The OC
When asked about his previous experiences with women, Adam Brody reveals that it's his "dream to have a domineering, hot boss." Well, well! Has the quirky actor who once portrayed the adoringly weird Seth Cohen given up his geeky ways? We have to wonder how the lack of curly hair and witty one-liners will effect his game. Check out Adam dishing on his challenging transition from neurotic comic-book nerd to confident, dark Nazi doctor at Time Out New York. Link after the jump!

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Jun 10, 2009 - 4:35PM by The OC
Mischa Barton
Mischa Barton
Mischa Barton was photographed on Thursday, April 9th, wearing Delicate Raymond's Mother of Pearl rosary necklace and Montmartre vintage nameplate bracelet. The OC actress will star in the upcoming CW network show A Beautiful Life, produced by Ashton Kutcher.

The dainty Mother of Pearl rosary is available in eight other semi precious stone options, including turquoise, black obsidian, amethyst, lapis, carnelian, aventurine and rose quartz. This necklace measures 18" long, is hand-wrapped with 14kt gold filled wire and semi-precious stones, and retails for $249 at

Mischa also wore the Delicate Raymond Montmartre bracelet, custom engraved with "Mischa". Retailing for $155 at, this bracelet is customizable with up to 10 letters.

Mischa Barton stepped out in her Delicate Raymond rosary again on May 30, 2009, at Bardot nightclub. Wearing a chic black and white ensemble, Mischa accessorized with her dainty Panama rosary necklace in Black Obsidian, which retails for $249 at The star has been photographed wearing the rosary nearly nonstop since April!

Receive 25 percent off any purchase with the code "magnolia25" at

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May 21, 2009 - 11:36AM by The OC
The Beautiful Life, Mischa Barton
The Beautiful Life / Credit: The CW
Mischa Barton may have died on "The OC" before the series ended, but she's back this fall in the fierce new Wednesday night drama "The Beautiful Life" produced by Ashton Kutcher.

The fashion-based series gives viewers an exciting, behind-the-scenes glimpse at the cutthroat world of a group of young, beautiful and very sexy models living together in a models' residence in New York City. Here's the official description.

The life of a high-fashion model appears glamorous and sexy, but as every new model quickly learns, behind the beautiful façade is a world of insecurity and cutthroat competition. Two teenage models who are about to discover this world for themselves are Raina Collins (Sara Paxton, "Last House on the Left"), a stunning beauty with a secret past, and Chris Andrews (Benjamin Hollingsworth, "The Line"), a strikingly handsome Iowa farm boy. When Raina makes an unforgettable impression at a show introducing the new line from designer Zac Posen (appearing in a cameo role), she steals the spotlight from her friend Sonja (Mischa Barton, "The O.C.")....

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