Lost Star Passes Drug Test

Former LOST star MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ has submitted herself for a drugs test – so she can prove to the media she’s not a cocaine user.

The actress was furious after blogger Perez Hilton accused her of snorting cocaine during frequent bathroom trips at a Hollywood party they both attended last weekend (13Oct07).

And to prove she was clean, Rodriguez immediately requested a drugs test.

TMZ.com reports the actress was tested for methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, opiates, alcohol and other things on Monday (15Oct07). None were detected.

A pal tells the website, “She is not a drug addict and she doesn’t even drink anymore.”

Since the test, Rodriguez has jetted off to New Zealand to film James Cameron’s Avatar. She is due back in Los Angeles in December, when she will serve 180 days in jail for violating herprobation.

She’ll serve her time at Lynwood Jail, where Paris Hilton spent 23 days earlier this year (07).


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