FanBolt Exclusive: On the Virtual Red Carpet with Dan Fogler, Ross Marquand, and Cooper Andrews

The Walking Dead: Dan Fogler, Ross Marquand, and Cooper Andrews

During the Virtual Pop Expo last week, I hopped on the Virtual Carpet and went 4D with Dan Fogler and Walking Dead friends Cooper Andrews (Shazam) and Ross Marquand (Avengers Infinity War). Dan was the hostess with the mostest on his special live version of his podcast, 4DXperience, but you may know him from projects like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Walking Dead and Balls of Fury. Be warned: Copper kept cutting out though (curse you technology!).

What was nice is that they haven’t seen each other in a while and were able to reunite through the panel on this global platform. Ross spoke about how important an event like this is. “It’s a great way to check-in with people and make sure they’re not alone cause we’re not,” he emphasized. Dan agrees that this is a wonderful method to unite through tough times. “We’re defying the odds, we shut down the cons,” exclaimed Dan, “so what, we keep going!” They also agree that another positive aspect of the entire stay at home order is the ability to be together virtually despite being at home. “It’s nice for the human camaraderie, our voices, knowing that we’re all in this together,” grinned Dan.

Once technology started working again for Cooper, he was able to join and says that he found the panel to be a breath of fresh air. “It was the most relaxation… ‘relax-ating’ conversation I had in three months,” says Cooper, “well with people that aren’t my wife.” lol.

There was even some Animaniac theme song singing. But why keep reading when you can start watching? Enjoy!


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