‘Harry Potter’ Stars and Fans Join MuggleNet at the Virtual Pop Expo

MuggleNet at the Virtual Pop Expo

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard, all expos and large gatherings have been canceled for the near future. But Virtual Pop Expo came to the rescue! While the con is sadly over, you can still head to their website and check out all the virtual panels at virtualpopexpo.com

One of the panels was “MuggleNet Presents: Magic of the Wizarding World,” which was moderated by Eric Scull, Senior Contributing Editor of MuggleNet and Kat Miller, Marketing and Creative Director of MuggleNet. MuggleNet.com, in case you’re a muggle, is the number one wizarding world fansite and our resident Potterhead Jordan Elizabeth Gelber was there to chat with them and some familiar faces! Chris Rankin, who played Percy Weasley in the Harry Potter films, Stan Yanevski, who played Viktor Krum in the fourth film, and Tolga Safer, who played Igor Karkaroff’s Aide in the fourth film joined the virtual party.

Boy, were they excited to chat! They are all in different parts of the world and have spent their quarantine time differently. Chris has been able to create a virtual choir video, which he wouldn’t have done otherwise, Tolga has been hanging out with his parents and has found that really nice, and Stan has been in lockdown since March 13th in Bulgaria with his mom. He got injured during this time and fortunate for him he was able to rest up and recover during this stay at home order.

Everyone is also trying to stay creative during these times. Chris said it’s difficult for him personally because his creativity blooms from social interaction and so this situation has made an active creative process difficult.

“It’s not easy and I know a lot of people have really struggled and not just in the creative industries but also in general with this new norm,” said Chris, “because it’s not normal.”

Stan is appreciative of the fact that we still have the ability to connect through social media. “We are home but we are still together out there in the virtual space,” emphasizes Stan.

To hear more about what they had to say, check out the video below!


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