Authors at Large: Sam Maggs, Maurene Goo, Sarah Enni, and Danielle Paige

Authors at Large: Sam Maggs, Maurene Goo, Sarah Enni, and Danielle Paige

With social distancing and stay at home orders in full swing, all events and gatherings have been canceled, including comic-cons. However, we’re lucky that one convention was available right in our homes – Virtual Pop Expo 2020! And Bevin (that’s me) covered the Virtual Pop Carpet after the panels.

One such panel was the “Authors at Large” panel that was moderated by Bonnie Burton. It featured Maurene Goo, Sarah Enni, and Danielle Paige. They all spoke about how the virtual expo created accessibility to these cons for people who may not be as privileged. 

Sarah Enni, author of “Tell Me Everything” and host of the First Draft podcast understands that writing can seem like an ivory tower, but “the virtual cons make it seem accessible as it really is.”

Since they are usually working from home, I couldn’t help but wonder, has anything changed? Bonnie, the author of “J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World: Movie Magic Volume Three: Amazing Artifacts,” “The Art of Abominable,” and so many others, says that it’s a completely different situation.

“Everyone thinks writers are okay during this because we work from home… we’re not okay with this,” exclaims Bonnie, “we’re all panicking and freaking out.”

Maureen, the author of “Somewhere Only We Know,” agrees wholeheartedly with Bonnie. “The existential dread is an added factor,” says Maureen. 

All of the ladies agreed that they are lucky to be at their homes healthy and safe though. Danielle Paige, famous for “Dorothy Must Die,” thinks the quarantine has helped her understand what truly is important in these difficult times.

“It reprioritizes things that are important to you,” says  Danielle, “a lot of us are seeing like maybe we need a little bit less than we have.”

Watch the full interview with these incredible ladies below!


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