Assemble Geek Chic with What’s Your Passion Jewelry

What's Your Passion Jewelry

New York Comic-Con 2019 feels like a different time, a different place. A place where Comic-Cons were a thing. We miss you Comic-Con.

In this mysterious time known as October 2019, I got to roam the aisles of vendors and chat it up with them. One of them was Avital Kathein, who founded What’s Your Passion Jewelry, which is a jewelry company founded by Avital and her brother.

“We’ve combined what we love with what we do,” says Avital, “We grew up in the jewelry business.”

Their halo brand is Marvel, but they also have other companies they work with. They also have Crunchyroll’s The Rising of the Shield Hero. And they are also in talks with other companies for future collaborations that may be coming our way but it’s hush-hush… for now. 

The piece Avital was most excited to debut at NYCC was their new beads.

“We also did Loki and now all of our villain beads are going to be diamond-shaped instead of round.” Avital revealed.

The beads are a favorite for grandmas to buy for their grandchildren.

“They don’t always know what to buy for their grandbabies,” Avital laughs, “are you honorable like Cap, mischievous like Loki, responsible like Spidey?”

The kids love it! And she also added that men wear their jewelry too because their jewelry is “subtly geek and cute.” 

Learn more about this brother/sister owned company by checking out the video below:

In the video above, Avital is wearing her Guardian of the Galaxy ring, Captain Marvel necklace plus studs, and her Stormbreaker necklace. I was sporting her newly designed Goose earrings that say “who’s a good kitty?” and their flagship piece, which is a Captain Marvel necklace. I was also wearing a Spider-Man ring. Pretty geek-out worthy, am I right?!


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