‘TRON’ Legacy Director: ‘The Ending Is Open…’

TRON: LEGACY opens in theaters everywhere Dec. 17, but already director Joseph Kosinski says another sequel is possible!

“I think we’ve set up a world that has a lot of possibility and potential,” he says. “We don’t save anything in the movie, and I think I put in everything that I possibly could, but I feel like the ending is open enough that you could wonder, What’s next?”

TRON: LEGACY is the followup to the 1982 movie, TRON. Kosinski and Disney screened the completed movie for the first time this past Friday night in Los Angeles.

If there were to be another sequel, Kosinski says he would love to be on-board for it’s production: “I just finished it Wednesday morning. It’s a crazy time, but I think with a little time away I would absolutely love to come back. “


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  1. I Remember the original back in the 80’s, Video game was good Brings back childhood memories 😀 Looking forward to watching this. Hopefully the 3D don’t ruin the movie.