U.S. President In Ellen Phone Prank

U.S. president GEORGE W. BUSH was the victim of a phone prank after his daughter JENNA called him up during an episode of THE ELLEN DeGENERES SHOW.

The TV host was interviewing the First Daughter during a pre-recorded session on Tuesday (04Dec07), and when the 26-year-old told her she could contact her powerful father at any time, DeGeneres encouraged her to do it on air.

The call was put through and the President was surprised when his daughter revealed he was being taped for the show, saying, “Wow! That’s great! How’s my little girl doing?”

Despite Bush’s insistence that her dad was “going to kill” her, when asked if he was angry about the prank the Chief Executive said, “No, not at all. I’m excited to talk to you. I’m glad to talk to Ellen.”



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