Fictionalized Biopic To Channel Lindsay Lohan

Lydia Hearst Shaw announced earlier this week that she planned on channeling Lindsay Lohan in a fictionalized biopic of the rehab-going, trouble-making actress.

However, that’s not going over well with always vocal father of the actress, Michael Lohan. “I smell more attorney fees brewing. To date, I don’t know that Lindsay’s rep or [her mom] Dina and I have been contacted about this ‘venture,'” says Michael.

Filmmaker Charles Casillo describes the character as a “bratty movie goddess in and out of rehab” and openly admits the character is copied directly from Lohan. “[She is] in trouble with the law, and hounded by greedy agents, predatory paparazzi, off-the-wall stalkers and crazed media—a role obviously based on Lindsay Lohan,” he reveals.

And the star of the film? None other than Lydie Hearst [26-year-old daughter of once-kidnapped Patty Hearst]. “I spent a lot of time casting for the right actress for this screwball comedy, but Lydia is perfect,” he says. “She’s one of the few supermodels who can actually act. She’s smart, well read, charming, and very beautiful. We looked at a lot of actresses for this role, and I was really knocked out.”

Casillo goes on to say that the movie isn’t meant to offend Lohan, but rather to come off as a ‘spoof’ about the crazy happenings in her life. “It’s in no way mean-spirited towards Lindsay. It’s the kind of thing she has spoofed about herself in the past,” he says.

I have a feeling Lindsay and family still won’t go for it…

“Personally, I don’t understand why Mr. Casillo and Lydia Hearst find it so fascinating they would want to make a movie about Lindsay and our family,” Michael Lohan says. “Especially when the Hearst’s family is more interesting and probably has more drama than ours.”

A Lindsay Lohan biopic? Would you be interested? Do you think the Lohans will go for it? Or is Michael right in saying, “I smell more attorney fees brewing…”?