It’s Morphin Time! Austin St. John Talks Power Rangers, COVID-19, and More!

Power Rangers Red Ranger

If you had told my eight-year-old self that I would be able to sit down and chat with OG Red Ranger, Austin St. John, I would have pulled a Janice, “Oh…My….GOD”!

It’s true, Austin was kind enough to sit down with this fellow ranger fan to discuss a plethora of topics ranging from Power Rangers, current events, and home life. We first started with what’s on most of our minds now: the pandemic. How was he doing? What has he been doing? What advice can he give some of us to deal with these crazy times? His first piece of advice was to stay away from any alcohol or drugs.

“They have a stimulating effect in the beginning, [but] they’re depressants,” he says. Austin believes we should put our energy into positive things instead.

“Positive things: I’ve been working out with my kids,” says Austin.

He also suggests that if you need some time to do some deep thinking, then find what works for you and do it. “I love to do it on a run, especially in crappier weather, don’t ask me why,” Austin laughs. “It’s just perspective, whether you like to read, workout, or whatever, just don’t let the couch and potato chips suck you in.”

Austin is also trying to do new things like learning to play guitar and showing the world.

“Let’s record me learning over time, we’ll shoot videos, we’ll put together a compilation video, and then at one of these big shows, somewhere in the world, let’s shoot an actual music video and I’ll wail on the guitar,” He says he thinks it’s important that we motivate one another in these unknown times.

“Little ways that you can quietly be a form of inspiration even within your own household,” says Austin.

But he also says it’s essential to recognize that we’re all feeling some form of fear right now, but not letting that stop us.

“The difference between the men and the boys, the girls, and the women is – yeah I’m afraid, but am I gonna let it keep me from doing what I know is right,” says Austin.

Sooner or later, the opportunity arose for me to slip in some fangirl questions about Power Rangers. I mean can he believe it has blown up in such a way?

“It never seizes to be mind-blowing,” says Austin, “It became the number one show in the world for six or seven consecutive years.”

The theory on why it was as big of a hit as it was is because people could relate to the characters.

“There’s something in the show that anyone can identify with…there was also a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood… and family,” says Austin.

Austin recently returned to the Power Rangers universe in Power Rangers: Beast Morphers Season 2, which should be coming to television soon.

In the meantime, you can also check him out in Fireball Run Big Country on Amazon Prime, Monsters at Large, where he plays the father in this family-friendly movie, and coming soon in the not family-friendly movie, Tres Leches.

Go! Go! Watch the video to find out more!

Austin St. John Talks Power Rangers, COVID-19, and More!


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