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What’s going on with the writers’ strike? Do you have specific questions about the strike? We’re going to be interviewing a couple writers and producers, including the executive producer for FOX’s Bones! So submit your questions here, and we may pick them for our interview! Get them in within the next day to be sure they’re included!

Feel free to ask questions about Bones as well as about the writers’ strike!

Submit your questions below!


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  1. Christy wrote: Will there be any more insight into Dr. Addy’s personal life? I feel that it kind of left off in “The Boy in the Tree” with slight details about Naomi.

  2. Doris wrote: How are you going to make the Brennan/Booth relationship different from all the other romantic couples on TV, and how will you keep the tension going once they do get together (to avoid the ‘Moonlighting Curse’?)

  3. Tina wrote: The writers have masterfully been able to have the Booth and Bones relationship grow little by little. At one point they will have to put them together. I believe Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz have a truly unique chemistry that can be successful. They are in a league of their own. Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers of Hart to Hart are a close second…and they portrayed a married couple! I wish they would stop comparing Bones to Moonlighting. Why do you fear the Moonlighting curse?

  4. Sara_Bones_Portugal wrote: I have some questions :x.. When do Emily and David make a new photoshoot? The fans are missing the fun and cute photoshoots from both.. and when do Emily and Zooey make one too? We love their photoshoots (ED&DB and ED&ZD)…

  5. Soraya wrote: What do the ”Bones” fans mean to you? Do you have had any fan encounters? What has been your fave scene so far? Any upcoming guest stars we should know about? Do you have anyone you would like to see guest star on ”Bones”?