‘American Reunion’ Details Revealed

A list of story details for the next installment in the American Pie franchise, American Reunion has come out. According to reports, Alyson Hannigan is involved in the film, despite previous reports that she was on the outs with producers. In fact, all of the cast members from the original movie are coming aboard for this one. Here is what the site shares with us about the upcoming sequel:

1. The original cast return to East Great Falls High for their ten year reunion via Facebook invite, and while at the school, they’re faced with the “frightening realization that they’re no longer young teenagers.”

2. Oz got rich from appearing as a contestant on a reality TV show, and he now lives in an expensive mansion in Malibu

3. Things aren’t going so hot for Stifler, careerwise AND relationshipwise, but he’s pumped for some partying with the boys, and he hooks up with an overweight “former hottie” named Laurie while back home for the reunion

4. Jim’s neighbor, Kara, has grown up and develops a crush on him, despite the fact that he’s married to Michelle

5. Jim has become a YouTube celeb, thanks to his performance with Nadia from the first film

6. Oz’s girlfriend Mia, who seems to only like him for his money, joins him for the reunion, but then Oz runs into his ex Heather, who’s with her forty-something surgeon boyfriend, who tries to act younger than he is

7. Finch will score with Michelle’s bandcamp friend Trisha, and we’re guessing Stifler’s Mom as well, since she’ll be making an appearance

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  1. Yes! Finally their coming back, can’t wait to see them once again for the American Reunion. Hope Jim and Michelle have already kids this time.