Best Burn Notice Guest Stars

Last week’s episode of Burn Notice featured a guest appearance by Terminator: Salvation star Moon Bloodgood as a police detective, and she’s only the latest in a long string of spies, killers, cons and lawmen who have come through Miami with a bone to pick with Michael Westen. It’s only going to get worse from here on out, what with Michael losing his protection and all, so we thought we’d run down some of our favorites, specifically those that we already knew and loved from other TV shows. This list will self-destruct.

John Mahoney (“Management”)
If you need to call in a cranky authority figure, one who knows better than you and wants you to know that he does, you get John Mahoney. Sure, he played the lovable dad on Frasier, but the man is no pushover. If we were trapped in a helicopter with him and his disapproving gaze, we’d jump out, too.

Tricia Helfer (“Carla”)
Our favorite Battlestar Galactica alum popped up throughout Season 2 as Michael’s new handler, giving him assignments and warning him not to stray too far from the path she set. It took her sniping Victor to show she meant business, but luckily Fiona was standing by to return the favor.

Silas Weir Mitchell (“Seymour”)
In Miami? Need advanced, military-grade weaponry? Contact Seymour, and he’ll hook you up. If you’re Michael, he’ll even invite you to his pool party. Seymour likes to think of himself as Michael’s BFF, which is a little off-putting considering Mitchell’s crazy eyes, put to such good use as “Haywire” on Prison Break.

Michael Shanks (“Victor”)
Victor was CIA until his family was killed, and Carla convinced him to go rogue and come work for Management. Then it turns out Carla killed his family. And then she killed him, too. Man, stuff like this never happened back when he was on Stargate SG-1. (Oh, wait, it did.)

Tim Matheson (“Larry Sizemore”)
Larry is Michael’s former mentor. Larry is also crazy. Now freelance, Larry kills people for money, and tries to hire Michael to do a job, but when Michael tries to warn off the victim, Larry takes the money anyway, kills the guy who hired him and vanishes. That’s not very Vice-Presidential of you, former West Wing star Tim Matheson. Larry may or may not return this season, but Matheson will definitely be directing episodes of the show.

Lucy Lawless (“Evelyn”)
At first, Evelyn seemed to be a mother trying to find her kidnapped son, but when Michael tracked down her wayward husband, Evelyn tried to pop a cap in his ass. Angry mom? Or paid assassin using Michael to find her target? Unfortunately, the latter. She seemingly fell to her death while trying one last time to fulfill her contract, but she may not be dead after all, since sources say she’ll return this season. Lucy Lawless: unkillable Warrior Princess, or endlessly copied Cylon? You be the judge!

Who’s your favorite Burn Notice guest star? (Mine was Larry)


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