Horrible Bosses Review: The Summer Comedy You’ve Been Waiting For

Horrible Bosses is just the summer comedy you’ve been waiting on. Most people that go out to see this one, will probably do so because of the cast. That’s what instantly attracted my attention to this project. I’m a big fan of Jason Bateman and his style of humor, and Horrible Bosses didn’t disappoint me.

The story is simple, and something most of us have been able to relate to at some point in our lives. These men hate their bosses, and they can’t help but to imagine how much easier their lives would be if those bosses just happened to… disappear. The concept, which starts off as a fantasy, quickly becomes a viable plan as their work lives worsen.

Nick Hendricks (played by Jason Bateman) has been in the same position for 8 years – working hard and patiently waiting on what he is sure will be his promotion to Vice President. When it doesn’t go down that way, he fantasizes about taking his boss (Kevin Spacey) out the window of the high rise office building. Kurt Buckman (played by Jason Sudeikis) loves his boss, so he simply can’t relate… until his boss has an unexpected heart attack and his drug addicted, a-hole of a son (Colin Farrell) is put in charge. And lastly we have Dale Arbus, whose issue with his boss (Jennifer Aniston) isn’t something the others can sympathize with. She wants to sleep with him, and she doesn’t have any limitations to what she will do to get him in the sack.

When this group of friends decide they can’t take it anymore, there is no turning back. They’re committed to it now. Dale takes on the responsibility of finding a hit man, which leads the guys on a wide ride to a bad sector of town where they encounter Dean ‘MF’ Jones (played by Jamie Foxx). While Jones isn’t going to deliver the exact services that the guys expect… and pay for… he’s got some good advice for how to get away with the impending crimes.

And the madness ensues.

Overall, it’s a great film – the best comedy of the summer so far. The comedic timing is dead on, and the cast couldn’t be stronger. My main issue with the film is that I felt the solutions to handling several of the situations were pretty obvious, but these characters just weren’t bright enough to think of them. I suppose if they had, we might not have had as many laughs. So while it isn’t the smartest comedy, it’s definitely a film that will leave you smiling after the credits wrap.

Grade: A-
Official Website: www.horriblebossesmovie.com
Review By: Emma Loggins

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  1. I think that this movie is hitting on an often unexplored universal theme – that of the “bad boss.” It seems that everyone you talk to has a great story of a terrible boss. This movie touches on three architypes of bosses – the cruel & heartless, the harasser, and the incompetent. It is a great premise that attempts to put power back in the hands of the employee, and addresses, through comedy, a rarely discussed issue of abuse in the workplace. For a hilarious platform where real employees expose their bosses bad behaviour, look at the new blog “My Boss is a Lemon” at http://www.mybossisalemon.com