John Moore Directing ‘Die Hard 5’


John Moore (Max Payne) is now official as the director of the fifth installment of the Die Hard series.

A draft of the script was written by Skip Woods (The A-Team) and is described as sending John McClane and his son to Russia. No word on who will portray his son.

Willis is returning and even though Mary Elizabeth Winstead played McClane’s daughter in Live Free or Die Hard, her character’s brother was only briefly mentioned. His character has not been seen since the original ‘Die Hard’.

Production will start soon, on location in Russia.


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  1. as much as i love the die hard movies, how many sequels can they do with this? i wasnt a fan of the max pain movie, i hope the director does a better job with this movie

  2. Most of the time I would agree about sequels but I really thought Live Free or Die Hard was a fun movies (I have it in my collection). But most franchises can’t do it as well.