Theatrical Releases for September 23rd: ‘Abduction’, ‘Moneyball’ And More!


Abduction, Moneyball and other films hit theaters today! We have the full list of new releases for you below!

A Bird of the Air (NR), Drama – When a green parrot flies into the trailer of a loner, working the graveyard shift for the Courtesy Patrol he becomes obsessed with finding its owner, which leads him to Fiona. She has been eyeing him from a distance and decides to help with his parrot search, whether he wants her to or not. The pair set off on a search that doesn’t always lead them where they think they’re going, but gradually leads them to one another. Stars Rachel Nichols, Jackson Hurst, and Anjanette Comer.

Abduction (PG-13), Drama – A teen who has long felt disconnected from his parents figures out why, which unleashes a chain of violent events. Stars Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins, and Alfred Molina.

Archie’s Final Project (NR), Drama – A 17-year old media geek suddenly finds himself the most talked-about kid in school after he has announced that he’s going to kill himself – on camera – for a class project. His classmates, parents, the most beautiful girl in school, and a shady bunch of shrinks, doctors, pill-pushers, and counselors descend on him. Some are hoping to save him, some want to imitate him, others try to push him over the brink. He films every moment of his high school experience, hiding nothing from his audience: realities of life, death, violence, sex, drugs, and the intense media overload and hypocrisy that bombard all teenagers. Stars Gabriel Sunday, David Carradine, and Mariel Hemmingway.

Dolphin Tale (PG), Family – A young boy befriends an injured dolphin who lost her tail in a crab trap, and motivates everyone around him to help save the dolphin by creating a prosthetic appendage to replace the dolphin’s missing tail. Stars Harry Connick Jr., Ashley Judd, and Morgan Freeman.

Killer Elite (R), Recounts the true story of an elite group of vigilantes drawn from the ranks of England’s select paramilitary operatives, who were charged with eliminating four contract killers so deft that their hits appeared to be merely accidents. Stars Jason Stratham, Clive Owen, and Robert De Niro.

Limelight (NR), Documentary – A documentary about legendary NYC nightclub owner Peter Gatien. Profiles Gatien’s rise and fall in the world of nightspot dominance as owner of Limelight, Tunnel, Palladium and Club USA.

Machine Gun Preacher (R), Story of a former drug dealer and gang member who turned around his life and now dedicates his time to rescuing children in war-torn Sudan. Stars Gerard Butler, Michelle Monaghan, and Michael Shannon.

Mardi Gras: Spring Break (R), Comedy – Three college pals, depressed with their current social situation, decide to venture to New Orleans, a magical place where a man and his beverage can walk the streets undisturbed in pursuit of the happiness that has thus far eluded them. Stars Carmen Electra, Danneel Harris, and Regina Hall.

Moneyball (PG-13), Drama – Based on a true story of the general manager of the Oakland A’s and the guy who assembles the team, who has an epiphany: all of baseball’s conventional wisdom is wrong. Forced to reinvent his team on a tight budget, he teams with an Ivy League grad and starts recruiting bargain players that the scouts call flawed, but all of whom have an ability to get on base, score runs, and win games. It’s more than baseball, it’s a revolution – one that challenges old school traditions and puts a man in the crosshairs of those who say he’s tearing out the heart and soul of the game. Stars Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Puncture (R), Drama – The story follows a troubled young attorney who must come to terms with his own demons when taking on a healthcare giant. Stars Chris Evans, Mark Kassen, and Vinessa Shaw.

Red State (R), Thriller – The story of a group of teens in Middle America who receive an online invitation for sex. Stars Kevin Smith, Jeff Anderson, and Kevin Pollack.

The Man Nobody Knew: In Searh of My Father, CIA Spymaster William Colby (NR), Documentary – Exploration into the life of America’s controversial former CIA Director William Colby told through the eyes of his wife and filmmaker son, Carl.

Thunder Soul (PG), Documentary – Thunder Soul tells the true story of Conrad O Johnson and the Kashmere Stage Band, a mediocre jazz band that turned into a legendary funk powerhouse.

U.N. Me (NR), Documentary – One man’s journey to uncover the true nature of the United Nations.

Weekend (NR), Drama – On a Friday night after hanging out with his straight mates, Russell heads out to a nightclub, alone and on the pull. Just before closing, he meets Glen. And so begins a weekend that will resonate throughout their lives. Stars Tom Cullen and Chris New.

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