Universal Making ‘Bridesmaids’ Sequel – Without Kristen Wiig

Universal is working on a sequel to the comedy hit Bridesmaids – without star Kristen Wiig. The studio is moving forward with its plans to make a sequel, which is not a huge surprise considering the film made $288 million worldwide on a $32 million budget. However, the studio will have to do so without screenwriter and star Kristen Wiig or her co-writer Annie Mumolo.

“We aren’t working on that,” said Wiig when asked about the sequel. “Annie and I aren’t planning a sequel. We are writing something else.”

Nonetheless, Universal says they’re willing to move forward with the film. Universal cheif Ron Meyer reportedly took Wiig out for lunch to try and get her to do the film, but she declined. Rumors say that the film may center around Melissa McCarthy’s character Megan, who is earning a lot of attention during award season.

Will Bridesmaids 2 be as good with out Kristen Wiig? Sound off below and let us know your thoughts!


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  1. I had read that after Bridesmaids became such a huge hit Universal gave each of the six main actresses a $100,000 bonus but Kristen felt insulted at getting that amount with everybody else because she wrote it so that’s why she decided to pass on the sequel. I can understand that is not a lot for a movie that made $288 million but seems like her mistake for not asking for a percentage upfront.

  2. I don’t want to imagine that Kristen is like that. She seems to down to earth and cool. She should have just negotiated a better deal up from like you said if she wanted more money. She made the movie though… I don’t see how a sequel could be nearly as good without her.

  3. Yeah, I don’t like to think of her being like that either because I’m a huge fan but some reports have been saying that she has kind of changed with her sudden A-list status. She broke up with her long time live-in boyfriend and starting dating the drummer from The Strokes. Hopefully, it’s just gossip or coincidence and success doesn’t change her. She really seems better than that. If I were her I would agree to the sequel (only because they WILL do it with ot without her) but use the success of the first to leverage a bigger payday and percentage of the profits she feels she deserved from the first movie.

  4. Oh dear. A sequel without the same writer/star? It’s probably going to follow similar formulas then, much like The Hangover and its sequel. I’m glad Kirsten is passing on it though. I feel like she might have done a sequel if she believed there was something else there, but she’s passing and moving on, and I’ll trust her word for it over Universal. I’ll not likely be watching the sequel.