‘The Hunger Games’ Atlanta Stop: Atlanta Fans Are Team Gale!

Around a thousand fans gathered at Lenox Mall in Atlanta, Georgia yesterday to catch a glimpse of the cast of highly anticipated Hunger Games films. Fans were lined up before the gates opened at 2:30pm in order to take part in trivia, chat about the film, and try to win wristbands for the meet-and-greet signing which was taking place inside the Microsoft store.

When the cast made it outside around 5pm, fans were chanting for them to get on stage and take part in a fan Q/A. (We grabbed each of the stars for a couple minutes on the red carpet, and we’ll have those interviews coming for you later!)

While the entire cast received a warm reception from Atlanta fans, it was Liam Hemsworth who got the most attention. Girls yelled out to him that he was so much hotter than Edward (from Twilight), and he just smiled and waved to them. Atlanta is clearly Team Gale from what we could see!

During the Q/A, one of the fan questions submitted was if you weren’t an actor, what career would you have pursued. A fan immediately yelled out “Stripper!” as a reply for Liam, which was followed by another fan yelling for him to take his shirt off. Liam replied with a rather unexpected answer…

“I like clowns, and I like magic. So maybe a magic clown?” he smiled.

What did the rest of the cast have to say?

Amanda Stenberg (who plays Rue) would be an artist, Jack Quaid would be a standup comic, and Dayo Okeniyi revealed he actually went to school for graphic design – so he’d mostly likely be making websites and doing graphics (a man after our own heart!).
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  1. It was a great fan event. What I really love about these events is the new friends that you make as a fan because you both love the same thing. It’s a great experience! 🙂