You Could Own Marvel Props From ‘Iron Man’ And ‘Captain America’

Marvel Studios is auctioning off props from the lead-up movies to Avengers. The studio has partnered with Profiles in History for the auction, which begins online on April1 14th as well as in-person at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. Check out some of the items and their starting bids below:

– The full Mark II “Autopsy” Suit from Iron Man 2 – $60,000
– Chris Evans’ complete Captain America Suit – $20,000
– Steve Rogers’ Hero Motorcycle (Harley Davidson) – $12,000
– Thor’s Hammer – $4,000
– Captain America Stunt Shield – $3,000

Will you be trying to get any of the fan coveted items? Sound off in our comment section below!


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  1. It’s like the Lost auction a couple years ago. If I was rich I would own the DHARMA van. haha I hope someone is getting good use out of it somewhere! 🙂

  2. I want the Iron Man suit. You know how some people have the medieval knights in their houses standing in a corner. I think I need Iron Man standing in the corner of my house… 🙂