Exclusive: Cast & Crew Talk ‘Widow’s Point’

Lighthouses can be spooky as all get out. For me, it’s because there’s no way I’ll ever go to the top of one because I have acrophobia. Sure, some may be “haunted,” but I find heights way scarier than any specter. Regardless of my personal hangups on the guardians of the shore, Gregory Lamberson’s new film based on Richard Chizmar and Billy Chizmar book Widow’s Point focuses less on earthly fears and more on the paranormal ones.

Katelynn E. Newberry spoke with us about the unique locations and her glowing experience with Widow’s Point director Gregory Lamberson:

The director himself, Gregory Lamberson, gave us some insight into location scouting and how indie filmmakers can go about getting their careers on a successful track:

Widow’s Point will be avialble on September 1st and can be pre-ordered right on Amazon.


An author who spends a weekend locked in a haunted lighthouse as a publicity stunt for his next book becomes a target for powerful supernatural forces.


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