Touring the Famous Adam West Batmobile with Owner Aviator Eugene Nock

Batmobile - Batman - Bevin

I got to touch THE Batmobile! Well, it was Adam West and Burt Ward Comic-Con appearance show Batmobile, but it was an official Batmobile, and I got to sit in it too! All the feels!

I had the pleasure of reuniting with Eugene Nock of Nock Entertainment Group Inc. This company produces a variety of motocross and air shows across the world. He happens to own the only Batcopter in existence that I rode with him in it previously about two years ago. If it weren’t for the pandemic, the Batcopter would be doing a variety of shows. “This is 2020, and this situation happened worldwide… it has affected all our friends who do air shows, hot rods shows, and comic con shows,” Eugene sadly says, “all of them had to cancel.”

The Batmobile, while no Batcopter is something truly special to sit in.  “Adam and Burt used this car at many Comic-Cons for photo ops… at some of the biggest events we’ve ever done,” says Eugene. However, it’s not just something to look at, it’s an actual car too! “The batmobile is a one of a kind style car, it’s an American-style hot rod,” Eugene proudly states. The car still contains all its 60s technology. “It is very, very stuck in the 60s because that’s when it was made,” Eugene says, “no improvement takes it out of it.”

The Batmobile actually had the first car phone.  “A lot of people don’t realize it but Batmanand that TV show invented quite a bit of things, and one of them is the car phone,” Eugene tells us. Eugene also showed us all the different buttons in the car. “The start button here which is really not the start button,” Eugene jokes, “if you push this, it means you don’t know how to run this car, it’s [actually] the ejector.” Thankfully it didn’t inject me. 

If you want to watch me freaking out about the Batmobile or all the fun facts about it, check out the video below: 

Quick Robin, to the video! *cue the Batman theme song*

Video Edited by: Dennis Aronov

Story by: Bevin

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