Aleks Paunovic Chats Filming During Covid and Upcoming Seasons of ‘Snowpiercer’ and ‘Van Helsing’

Aleks Paunovic

 Actor Aleks Paunovic is one talented, gentle giant of a man. I met him when I moderated the Van Helsing panel at San Diego Comic-Con (my very first time to moderate might I add) and was smitten with his playful, good ole boy nature. The man towers over you at 6’5 and looks like he could take down a pack of wolves all by himself. I’m thankful he’s actually friendly and has a wonderful sense of humor. 

When Aleks Zoomed with me, I discovered he’s now filming the next season of Van Helsing, and he broke down for me how COVID-19 has changed the filming process. “We have that discussion on set where they go, how do you want to do this scene? What are you comfortable with,” says Aleks. 

We also spoke about Aleks’ upcoming production house he is starting in his hometown Winnipeg, Canada. “That’s where I’m working with a team, trying to build some infrastructure and a facility in Winnipeg,” Aleks hopes. 

It doesn’t hurt that Winnipeg has jaw-dropping tax credit. “It’s got the best tax credit arguably in the world, if not North America, which is at 65% on the Canadian dollar,” Alex proudly says. Strangely enough, the pandemic has had a beneficial effect on their studio planning. “We got to get quite a lot of meetings out of it of what we wanted to do, some government help, some community help [and] talking to a bunch of people,” says Aleks. 

They are at the pitching and looking for investors phase now. At least there’s a light at the end of 2020 for some people. There’s hope for the rest of us yet.

Aleks also told me that he was able to take part in a film over Zoom produced by Enderby Entertainment that Zoom sponsored. “I had my iPhone just above the camera… I was the one who had to hit record,” Aleks says enthusiastically. 

He also joked about the silly mistakes he made during the movie. “I forgot to hit record, and I had a great take,” Aleks laughs. The film is called 92, and he hopes the film will be released in late September. 

He also spoke to me about his participation in TNT’s upcoming series Snowpiercer. “Graeme Manson came in and basically started running the show… they re-shot the pilot, and they went in for the first season and the second season,” Aleks told me. Thankfully, we will already have two seasons. 

I could keep typing, BUT there’s a lovely video attached to this article that is begging to be watched. Hit the play button already, why don’t ya? 



Video Editing By: Dennis Aronov


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