Tributes Fit for A King Pour in for Chadwick Boseman

Black Panther

After the heartbreaking news of Chadwick Boseman’s passing was announced, tributes began to pour in from around the globe. From friends and family to adoring friends around the world, his loss was felt immensely from the moment it happened. A light radiated off of Boseman both in his performances and as he navigated life and those around him basked in the warmth. 

That light cannot be diminished or separated by death as it lives on in the hearts of those who honor him – and there are many who honor him. 

One of the most beautiful sentiments shared by a friend of Boseman came from Josh Gad. He took to Twitter to let us all see a bit deeper into the mind of his friend.

 It was a simple message, from the way Boseman is described, probably one of many like it – but it really says a lot about him. After a storm, instead of just going outside to enjoy the fresh air – he encouraged those close to him to do the same. Not just to enjoy it, but to deeply breathe in the newness of the air and what magic exists in the simplicity of an afternoon with the warmth of the sun. 



It sort of hits you, no matter what stage of life you’re in – that finding gratitude can do so much for the mind, heart, and spirit. In what had to be, the battle of Boseman’s life, he didn’t just find the joy – he created it for others. There’s a lot to be said about someone so selfless, and a lot to admire there.

A close friend of Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, left us speechless with his tribute. He repeats during the post that he wishes they had more time and vows to live the rest of his days as Boseman did. The two knew each other long before Black Panther, and their bond was so deeply interwoven into everything they did both on screen and off.


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Chris Evans called Boseman special, curious, and original. 

Robert Downey Jr shared a laugh between the two, pointing out Boseman’s heriosm off-screen – in the fight for his life.

Danai Gurira’s message to Boseman was also emotionally charged as she called Boseman the epitome of kindness – saying he made it easy for Okoye to “respect and protect” her king.

ABC aired a special Tribute for a King to honor Chadwick Boseman which featured more tributes from those who loved Boseman.

REMEMBERING CHADWICK BOSEMAN: ABC News examines #ChadwickBoseman’s extraordinary career, from playing Jackie Robinson,…

Posted by ABC 20/20 on Sunday, August 30, 2020

It’s evident, maybe more so now than ever before, that Boseman truly was a superhero – not just within the MCU realm, but to anyone who ever needed someone to look up to. He was a hero to his friends and loved ones, and he was a hero to all of us. We will forever remember his talent, compassion, and light.

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