Be An Extra In ‘The Hunger Games’ Sequel ‘Catching Fire’ This Fall

It already had been announced that the sequel to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, is filming in Atlanta this fall. In fact, filming begins in the south next month. Woody Harrelson confirmed the news on CBS This Morning.

“The part I’m not in is going to be shot in Hawaii, which happens to be where I live. It’s one of life’s ironies.” Harrelson noted.

Catching Fire filming will move from Atlanta to Hawaii in early November. Oahu will be the location for four to five weeks of filming at that time.

In the meantime though, those fans looking to be apart of The Hunger Games series are in luck. A local Atlanta casting agency has begun the search for extras. Below we have a list of what they are currently looking for.

Currently Seeking

African American Children 12 and younger Light-medium skin tone very thin. Need to have the ability to cry. Want to see distress in their eyes. Would love to see their crying ability on tape.

African American female darker skinned very thin age 60-80. Needs to have a hunched back or the ability to lose like that for an extended amount of time. Also need to have the ability to cry. See the pain in their eyes. Would love to see a video of them crying.

African American female darker skinned tall and muscular age 16-15. Again the ability to cry. Would love to see them cry on video.

The extremely skinny any ethnicity and gender. Please submit 3 pics that shows your thin body frame and women no make-up please. We need to sell starvation and poverty.
Subject “THE SKINNY”

Caucasian women with weathered faces. These are hard-working women that have been through alot. This is where your no make-up is going to sell it. No photo shop show us the real you. We need the character faces to bring the scene to life.

Caucasian men and women that are skinny that have irregular teeth. You need to a a thin stature as well. Please send a picture of your smile for us. No make-up. This goes with the starvation and poverty.
Subject “TEETH”

Seeking Caucasian men and women that have some grip/lighting/rigging experience
Subject “TECH”

Seeking those with some Hair and Make-up experience.
Subject “PREP”

Caucasian Men and women with very thin frames with acting experience/ Please attach pics that show your thin frame as well as your acting resume.
Subject “YELL”

Seeking Children 1-17 very thin frames for the older ones more so. This goes hand and hand with starvation and poverty.
Subject “Children”

If you fit the descriptions listed above then please e-mail [email protected] please include 3 pics (head and body) age, ht, wt, and all contact info. Please list any additional info that was listed with the role you are submitting for. Please put appropriate listing in the subject box. Attach Videos and resumes as well.

This will be filming in FanBolt’s stomping grounds – so we’ll keep you guys posted on everything we hear in relation to the filming of Catching Fire!


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  1. I’m tempted to try it as well since it’ll be in Atlanta. 🙂 Hopefully some our local readers can get on as extras and give us the scoop! 🙂