‘6:45’ Brings Horror Fans a Nightmare with a Sinister Twisted


If 2020 couldn’t get scarier enough, tonight is Halloween! Many of us are stuck inside in #HalloweenQuarantine, looking for something spooky (after watching the Mandalorian Season 2 premiere) to watch as we cozy up and gear up for that extra hour we get due to daylight savings time.

I’m happy to announce that this month, something wicked this way came in form of a star-studded for the movie “6:45” from director Craig Singer (DARK RIDE, PERKINS’ 14). The unique plot of the movie is the groundhog day-like repeating the experience, similar to fan-favorite “Happy Death Day, with a more sinister twist that can only be freakier because of quarantine.

I had the pleasure of working on the film back in January 2020, starring Thomas G. Waites (The Thing, The Warriors), Augie Duke (Bad Kids Go to Hell, EXIT 0), Michael Reed (THE HAUNTING OF ALICE D, THE DISCO EXORCIST), Armen Garo (The Departed, The Sopranos), and Rapper Remy Ma.

Check out the trailer below –


For more information please visit www.645movie.com.


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