Kelsey Edwards Talks ‘The Wolf of Snow Hollow’

the wolf of snow hollow

Kelsey Edwards is an American actress and musician best known for her role as Abby in “Minor Details” starring opposite Jennette McCurdy. She can now be seen as Liz Fairchild in Orion Pictures’ newest film The Wolf of Snow Hollow, directed by Jim Cummings. Now certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and available for purchase on YouTube. 

Recently I chatted with her, via Zoom, of course, about The Wolf of Snow Hollow and Director/Actor/Writer/NOT the voice actor that voices Winnie the Pooh Jim Cummings. He first got noticed at the SXSW Film Festival for his work on Thunder Road, and now he takes a sharp left into his filmmaking career with The Wolf of Snow Hollow. It’s a movie that crossbreeds horror and comedy, which is beautifully accomplished thanks to a superb script. 

“Watching Jim work,” she says, “was so amazing. He would have to switch hats constantly on set from director to actor back to director. Watching him direct himself was also pretty fascinating.” she exclaims. 

Her character, Liz, is a young, happily married mom with a little girl who would do anything to protect her daughter. She really enjoyed getting in touch with her maternal side since she doesn’t have kids of her own and understands more now than ever why parents are the way they are. 

When she’s not acting, she’s on Bigo Live singing and practicing social distancing. BIGO is one of the fastest-growing Singapore technology companies. BIGO’s video-based products and services have gained immense popularity, with users in more than 150 countries. These include Bigo Live (live streaming) and Likee (short-form video). With a vision to be a content platform that inspires one billion people’s lives, BIGO aims to empower a new generation of users with an exciting new social language to showcase, discover, and stay connected in a positive and creative online environment. Kelsey sings her new songs on the app for her followers and is very proactive in being a supportive and uplifting “big sis” to active online teenage girls across multiple social platforms. 

Before departing, we mentioned one last unique Zoom project, Right in the Left Lane. This was shot entirely in quarantine and on Zoom. Right in the Left Lane is a new political satire 5-part web series chronicling the ups and downs of life on a fictional political campaign in South Carolina. The story follows Darius Lane, a Black self-made Democrat running for Congress, and his old Republican army buddy, Bubba, turned press secretary. Sparks fly as race relations, partisan politics, and comedy join together for one common pursuit – a chance to make this country better. 

Due to COVID-19 and filming restrictions, the decision was made to shift the production to a high-resolution Zoom format to uphold quality and work with actors around the country. This project is helmed by newcomer Kevin Schumacher, the executive producer, and directed by Matt Enlow (Townies). 

The project features Kelsey Edwards, Adrienne Lovette (Joker, Better Call Saul), Renae Geerlings (Halloween II), as well as Tim Rerucha (Evil Lives Here), and Darion McCloud (co-founder of the NiA company), starring as the lead characters Bubba and Darius.

I could keep typing, but really, you should be watching instead. Enjoy the video!


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