Academy Awards: ‘Argo’ Takes Best Picture At 2013 Oscars

From a surprise introduction by Michelle Obama to an emotional acceptance speech from Ben Affleck, last night’s Academy Awards didn’t disappoint. Argo took home the Oscar for Best Picture, and as expected Jennifer Lawrence took home Best Actress and Daniel Day-Lewis added to his Oscar collection with a 3rd win as Best Actor. Anne Hathaway won Best Supporting Actress for Les Miserables while Best Supporting actor went to Christoph Waltz.

Most memorable moment? Probably Jennifer Lawrence’s trip on the stairs as she fell in her Dior gown. By the time the beautiful actress made it to the stage the whole theater was on their feet applauding her.

“You guys are just standing up because you feel bad that I fell,” Lawrence joked.

Class and charm. What more could you want from your leading lady?

Seth MacFarlane also surprised audiences with an overall classy hosting job topped off with a few risque jokes – such as his Abraham Lincoln/John Wilkes Booth joke.

“I would argue, however, that the actor who really got inside Lincoln’s head was John Wilkes Booth,” MacFarlane joked.

The audience gasped, and MacFarlane replied, “Really? 150 years later and it’s still too soon?”

Check out the full list of winners below:

1. Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz

2. Animated Short Film: “Paper Man”

3. Animated Feature Film: “Brave”

4. Cinematography: Claudio Miranda for “Life of Pi”

5. Visual Effects: “Life of Pi”

6. Costume Design: “Anna Karenina”

7. Makeup and Hairstyling: “Les Miserables”

8. Live Action Short Film: “Curfew”

9. Documentary Short Subject: “Innocente”

10. Documentary Feature: “Searching for Sugar Man”

11. Foreign Language Film: “Amour”

12. Sound Mixing: “Les Miserables

13. Sound Editing: “Zero Dark Thirty” and “Skyfall” (A tie)

14. Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway

15. Film Editing: “Argo”

16. Production Design: “Lincoln”

17. Original Score: “Life of Pi”

18. Original Song: “Skyfall”

19. Adapted Screenplay: Chris Terrio for “Argo”

20. Original Screenplay: Quentin Tarantion for “Django Unchained”

21. Directing: Ang Lee

22. Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

23. Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis

24. Best Picture: “Argo”


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  1. I really thought “ZERO DARK THIRTY” was going to fair a lot better. I really thought it would be more of a sweep. Also, isn’t it kind of weird how “ARGO” can get best picture but Ben Affleck was not even nominated as Best Director(for ARGO)? Seems to me the director has a lot to do with making a Best Picture winner!

  2. I read that hadn’t happened since the 50’s. It is extremely weird that Ben was nominated for Director. Not sure what happened there…

  3. Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway and Ang Lee. This is probably the best Oscars for sure! Not that i have seen many of them.
    But, i absolutely don’t agree with Argo being the best movie of the year, Just try watching it the second time. Years from now people will realize how the heck did this movie won so many awards against the other more better movies nominated. But, that’s just what i know.

  4. The Oscar show itself was awful this year, but the awards themselves were pretty good–with a few surprises thrown in. I did think it strange that George Clooney said NOTHING when he won as a producer for Best Picture though. And what was up with Kristen Stewart? She was limping and her hair was messy and she seemed totally out of it, like she was stoned or something. Dame Shirley Bassey started off rocky–but by the end, Zowie! How awesome to still have such a tremendous voice at age 76! No one today would understand why they picked her to sing a Bond song—but “Goldfinger” is probably the most iconic of all of the Bond songs. It’s also the movie that really clicked in to place as far as the Bond “formula”. But all of that crap at the beginning of the show (the “Boob” song? Really??) was just stupid, insulting, and a waste of time.

  5. I still need to see Argo. I saw Lincoln and Les Miserbles – and I definitely didn’t feel either of those two films should have one. I would have liked to see Life of Pi win just because I love the story. Still need to see the movie though…..The few times I’ve seen Kristen Stewart in person she always seems out of it. So that didn’t seem that unusual to me. I’m sure she felt awkward being there with Jennifer Lawrence receiving so much praise. I mean it seems like that’d be a little awkward since they’re both well know for their young adult novel movies – and Jennifer’s career is truly skyrocketing right now. And yeah… the boob song was super weird. 🙂 The Kate Winslet part was funny tho. lol

  6. LOVE Life of Pi, i read the book and watched the movie three times at the cinema and i’m so glad that Ang won. I completely agree that Pi should have won the best picture as the director won for directing it. Or at least Silver Linings Playbook. Those are the stories that we can relate to and they made a lot better impact on people than Argo or Lincoln. I haven’t seen Lincoln but still in the end its just like another HBO biography….boring.
    You’re going to be so disappointed when you finally see Argo. Most of the incidents that happened in the movie didn’t even happen in real life.

    And lol I have always loved Kate Winslet for her acting but it sure is fun to see her get naked on screen. she’s just perfect like Dame Helen Mirren.

  7. McFarlane did a great job hosting the show. This was a great year for film especially in the Best Picture category. I loved Argo, Life Of Pi and Lincoln. Glad Argo won for Best Picture.

  8. Argo deserved best film editing – I remember remarking to my wife halfway through that the editing was beautiful – but it didn’t deserve best movie. It was mildly interesting (as “true” historical films go anyway) but failed to provide anything truly amazing that an Oscar should recognise. I didn’t see all of the others, but it must’ve been a really sad year in film for Argo to be the best one produced over the whole year.