‘Broken Hearts Gallery’ Blu-Ray Review: A Rom-Com with Realism at Its Core

The Broken Hearts Club

Our editor had reviewed this title when it was originally released earlier this fall, but honestly, it’s probably not one I would have actively sought out. That said, I enjoyed it. It’s an exciting take on the idea of movie one from a relationship and holding on to old baggage. As a guy, I am not really drawn to romantic comedies and always dread seeing the Hallmark channel when I go to the dentist; however, this film sets a much higher bar than those I have seen. Let me get into the story.

Lucy (Geraldine Viswanathan from Blockers) is a hoarder (specifically a hoarder of things from past relationships) that works in an art gallery where she is having an affair with the boss. After they break up, she has a breakdown and struggles to figure out what to do. This is until she meets Nick (Dacre Montgomery from Stranger Things), who owns a hotel, and inspiration strikes. 

Lucy decides to open a gallery of her own where she will display all the items from her past relationships. In the process, she begins to form a strong relationship with Nick and weighs the prospect of him becoming another contributor to her gallery. I will leave it there as not to give anything away, but it takes it in a direction I wasn’t expecting.  

The main thing that separates this romantic comedy from others is the talent and production value. This is the directorial debut from Natalie Krinsky (writer for Gossip Girl), who also wrote the film and her writing style brings a level of realness that elevates the material from a standard rom-com into something better. 

The acting is top-notch with not only Viswanathan and Montgomery giving strong performances, but the supporting cast is solid as well. Molly Gordon (Animal Kingdom) and Utkarsh Ambudkar (Brittany Runs a Marathon) provide a lot of laughs and strong performances as well.

Bonus Features

  • Gag Reel
  • Behind-the-Scenes Vignettes

Overall, this film is unlike other rom-coms we have seen because it holds a bit of realism at its core. It delves into the ideas of dealing with a breakup and getting past the pain and being happy with yourself. It’s worth a watch.

The Broken Hearts Gallery is currently available on Blu-ray and DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

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