Tips for Twitch with Chris Sully: ‘Geek’ vs ‘Nerd’, Starting Your Own Twitch Channel, and More!

Chris Sully - Twitch Tips

It’s beginning to look a lot like staying home as much as possible will go WELL into 2021. Which means that, for gamers, this is the best year ever. Stay home and play non stop? Yes, please.

Buddy Chris Sully is truly having one of the most remarkable turn arounds since Funko had to cut down the staff, and he was let go from their marketing department. He went from unemployed to Twitch Partner in under 6 months like SNAP! Now the job’s a game. (You’re welcome for that Mary Poppins reference boys and girls).

What’s his channel all about? Well, he plays video games (of course) but also partakes in podcasting like interviews, does some unboxings, participates in giveaways, hosts charities, and engages with the audience in real-time. If you go to his page, cssully, he also offers audio & video setup advice, any trouble-shooting or questions you may have, and has a family-friendly no tolerance for bullying policy.

It’s easy to chat it up with Chris, who sports a plethora of Monsters Inc Sullys in the background and all are welcome. The only friendly debate we had was about the term “nerd” vs “geek” – His Mantra “Nerds Unite” is his Excelsior… Which is adorable, but I think the word geek fits the bill better. Fight me Sully! LOL

Before we signed off Chris broke down some must when starting a twitch channel. What are they? Well, I’m afraid you’d have to watch the video for that.

Chris Sully can be found on all social platforms at @cssully

Video Edited by Philip Louis Raymond Calabro


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